MK HeroClix House Rules

Friday, 2 July 2010

PM problems

I have received a mail message on tweeter from Blaire saying:

Pls remove our PM conversations from your blog thx

I have responded back to her on both MFC PMs and on Skype:

Stupid tweeter. u can not send messages to people who our not following u. OK, I will remove the PMs in the new post but I do find it very odd. The log ever since I first started it was mainly a record of our conversations and my thoughts and feelings. Even the revamped weekly version was about 80% our conversations and my thoughts and feelings. You were the one who talked me into, not, threatened me in to posting the logs on line as you said: "im not going to dl your logs anymore, you have to post them on the internet!" So I have been, for three months. The blog has expanded over the time to be more than just the conversations. If there was something in a conversation you did not want posting I would of been help to edit it out. Pls Skype me any time after 10pm ur time so we can sort this out.

Like I have said I have removed the PMs from the new post and hoping to talk things over with her. I would like to add more but it is getting too late. Oh and I have just notice I should of said are not our in the post to Blaire. Never mind.