MK HeroClix House Rules

Friday, 2 July 2010

Heroclix 1st July, The West Coast Avengers

This week was a 300 points Tech Wars game where all your characters must be known to be able to use gear. I decided to finally use the FCBD War Machine. With the theme of the game and knowing that they share several keywords I decided to go for Hawkeye too. I ended up going for a West Coast Avengers team with Ant-Man and Moon Knight. Darren choose to use the 3' by 2' maps which one of them was the errortered the hell Blackest night map. Oh what is Tech War you may ask. During deployment two tokens are placed on to the map. During the game a character who is standing on the token can spend a power action to pick up the token. The token is remove from play and the character gains a random tech peace of tech which they must keep until the end of the tournament.
OK, the other teams that were being played was a Gotham City teams and two non themed teams, one DC and one Marvel. The first team was up ageist was the Marvel non themed team. War Machine gained Radar Scope which let's him ignore stealth and attack three targets. This was a sweet piece of tech for him. I won that game with War Machine the Ant-Man still alive. In the second game I up ageist the a DC none themed team. Ant-Man picked up Vibranium Alloy which gave him Impervious but sadly War Machine picked up Nullifier which give him Energy Shield Defection but he loses all ability to make range attacks, great NOT. I lost as my main attack piece that was deigned for range attacks could not make range attacks any more. Damn it. I ended up losing that fight. The last game was ageist the Gothan City team. Ant-Man picked up AI Battle Chip which gathed him Probility Control and Moon knight got Ultimate Heat Seeker Missile which gathed him the Ultimates AT, just before he died. I lost again thanks to that beeping Nullifier.
Well next week will be 600 points, feats are aloud game where two characters must be known arch emernies like Batman & Joker or Wolverine & Sabertooth. I might go for a Daredevil and Bullseye team.
Well there has not been any new news about Heroclix since the last Heroclix post so that is it for this week. Until next time enjoy.