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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Heroclix Special

As there is no Heroclix this week I decided to do a special this week. I have three things I like to like to talk about watch I did not want to do them as part of a standard Heroclix post as that would of taken too much time. The first thing I wanted to talk about is the “No more powers” scenario that I am making. My first idea for the scenario was at the start of each game, two random characters from both teams loses all their powers, traits, TAs and so on. Darren, our group’s judge, did not like the idea of such a large chunk of a team losing all their powers, but he did like idea of losing powers was a good idea. After a lot of thinking I have two ideas on how to do power lose. But first, here are some the standard scenario rules for both ideas. It will be 400 points, multi player game that feats are allowed. Standard house rules random turn order while be in play. I was not originally planning to make it multi player, however as the power lose would work better in a multi player game and the fact we had not played a multi player game in a long time, I thought it would be a fun change.

My Ultimate Shadowcat conversion from the front
“The House rule – Multi Player Turn Order: A number of playing card equal to the number of player with numbers counting for 1 and upwards are shuffled together. At the beginning of each full round (at the start of the game or after all the players have taken their turn) each player is given a card at random. The player with the number 1 card will taken their turn first then the player with card 2 and so on until all the player have finished their turns.”

Idea 1: At the beginning of each round, a player roll a D6, depending on the roll the result will happen until next turn on all figures:
1. All powers on movement are cancelled and the symbol becomes the standard boot symbol.
2. All powers on attack are cancelled and the symbol becomes the standard fist symbol.
3. All powers on defence are cancelled and the symbol becomes the standard shield symbol.
4. All powers on damage are cancelled and the symbol becomes the standard explosion symbol.
5. All TAs, ATAs, Traits and Feat are cancelled and the can only target one character with range attacks.
6. Roll again. If a 6 is roll again, nothing happens.

My Ultimate Shadowcat conversion from the side
Idea 2: At the begin of a player’s turn, they randomly select one of their figures. That figure loses all their Powers, TAs, ATAs, Feats and Traits, all their symbols become the standard ones and they can only target one character with range attacks. This lasts until the beginning of the player’s next turn.

The idea for this scenario came from the whole “No More Mutants” thing from the end of House of M events in the Marvel comics. An balanced team would need to be made for this scenario. One that does not heavily rely on their powers. For example a character that has damage 1 and Range Combat Expert would be heavily relying on their Range Combat Expert to get past opponents damage reductions. Heavy value stats might to a better goal the powers, but you will have to remember the not all powers will be cancelled.

House of M Iron Man
The second thing I wanted to talk about, well, show off, is a conversion I made ages ago of Ultimate universe Shadowcat. I use the old Infinity Gauntlet/Universe figure, added a skirt using green stuff and repainted her in her Ultimate X-Men colours. Sadly the pictures I have are crap. Something tells me that it is because that it is my poor camera skills as the camera I used is a meant to be quite a good camera miniature. It is a FujiFilm FinePix S7000. Ok it is getting on a bit old now, but that should not stop it from taking good pictures of miniatures. I need to find out what I am doing wrong. 

The last thing I wanted to talk about are the Heroclix sets I would like to see being made and the figures I want to see begin made for them. I decided to talk about this after reading posts on HCRealms about what people would love to see being done. As there is not much it DC I want to see, I only really like Batman from DC, I will only be talking about Marvel stuff I want to see and some other stuff on roughly the same line as the Iron Maiden Heroclix stuff.
Pepper Potts in her Rescue armour
As there is so much Marvel stuff I would like to see, they would best fit into two sets due to their themes. I am a big Iron Man fan and would love to see an set based around Iron Man, something like "The Many Suits of Iron Man" or "Directors of S.H.I.E.L.D.". I would like to see it a set like that:
House of M Iron Man
Aqua suit Iron Man
Stealth suit Iron Man
House of M Jonny Storm
Tony Stark AE and the new Iron Man suit to go with it.
Rhodey AE and a War Machine to go with it.
Pepper Potts may be a AE to go with Rescue.
Happy Hogan.
A new Mandarin or two.
A new MODOK.
Steve Rogers nowadays.
A new Whirlwind.
A new Blizzard.
A new Ultimate (Movie) universe Nick Fury
Agent Maria Hill
A new Black Widow
A new 616 universe Nick Fury if its the Dirctor theme.
New S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents that uses the minion mechanic. Standard, Cape Hunters and Iron Man's team.
A non Captain America Steve Rogers.
A Captain America Bucky.
And may be a buy it by the brick colossal size Transformer Busting Iron Man from the IDW Transformers vs Avengers cross over comic.

The Brotherhood of Mutants - Destiny, Avalanche,
Mystique, Pyro and Blob.
I am also a X-Men fan too and maybe a  set like "Magneto’s Revenge" would be good. As it is hard to make a good classic Brotherhood team as the old figures are too weak to modan standards. Remake of major characters would be great like:
X-Men characters that we really need:
A new Cyclops that can led his X-Men to battle would be great.
A first class Angel to go with the other first class X-Men.
Armor. As it is her name I will not bitch about spelling.
Surge, my favourite New X-Men, and maybe the other New X-Men.
Sentinels as Giant size figures.
William Stryker.
Missing Ultimate X-Men characters like:
Shadowcat who should of been in Web of Spider-Man instead of Nightcrawer.
Marvel Girl with Phoenix powers.

Transformer Busting Iron Man vs. Skywarp
Other sets\universes I would like to see being made are:
A Indy Heroclix box set base on 2000ad or a Judge Dredd box set. A double base Judge Dredd on him motorbike would be great. Indy is a name used for Heroclix stuff the does not belong to the Marvel or DC universes.
Transformer entering the Heroclix realm would be fanatic, but sadly I can see it happening as Hasbro, the creators/owner of Transformers, have their own gaming company. You might have heard of them before, Wizards of the Coast.
Anime Heroclix. Maybe done in the same way as Indy. Have standard ATs base on show and may be good guys and bad guys. May be a Shonen Jump set first as it would most likely be easier to licence and would fit in with the comic book theme of Heroclix. That would cover Animes/Mangas like, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball and One Piece. The AE mechanic could be heavily used by some of the characters. For example Goku to Goku Super Saiun to Goku Super Saiun 2 to Goku Super Saiun 3.
Ultimate Shadowcat and Ultimate

All of this leads to a interesting idea for my weekly Heroclix post, dream clix. Where I well take two or more characters I would like to see, one Marvel or DC and one other. I will not be doing a whole dial most of the time, these will be just ideas. I will start this idea off with this week with Ultimate Shadowcat and Zoro from One Piece.
Shadowcat should have a special power that gives her phasing, energy shield defletion and close combat reflexies on all but the last click or two, standard phasing after losing the special, the carry ability as a trait and exploit weakness at time too as she can phase into people one grab inturnal orgings.  As for states, maybe she should start with a movement of 8 or 10, attack of 8 or 9, defence of 17 or 18 and a damage of 1. Maybe only 4 or 5 clicks deep and ever the Ultimate X-Men or Spider-Man Allies TA.
Zoro from One Piece
With Zoro, I would say that he should have a special called, Three Swords Style were he uses blades but he rolls two dice and picks the highest for half the dial and then blades for the second half, another special called Tiger Claw Trap in the middle of the dial that deals one unavoidable damage to characters use move and attack ability as a close combat attack like change ageist him, and close combat reflexes at points. Starting states of movement of 8, attack 11 or 12, defence 17 and a damage 3. Maybe 6 to 8 clicks deep and ever a Straw Hat Pirates TA (same as the standard Fantastic Four TA) or One Piece show AT (not a clue at the moment).
Well hope you all enjoy this very long the special. Until next time.