MK HeroClix House Rules

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Heroclix 12th August, Yellow

The Sinestro Corps

Sorry about the wait, I have been busy getting my main computer set up for the internet again. Hippy, no more 10.1" screen.
This week's game was the No More Powers scenario I designed.  400 points, multi-player game using standard house rules random turn order while be in play. At the beginning of a player’s turn, they randomly select one of their figures then they roll a D6 to depending what will happen to figure until the players next turn:

1. Figure loses any powers on movement and their movement symbol becomes the standard boot symbol.
2. Figure loses any powers on attack and their attack symbol becomes the standard fist symbol.
3. Figure loses any powers on defence and their defence symbol becomes the standard shields symbol.
4. Figure loses any powers on damage and their damage symbol becomes the standard explosion symbol.
5 or 6. The Figure loses all their Powers, TAs, ATAs, Feats and Traits, all their symbols become the standard ones and they can only target one character with range attacks.

I decided to go for a Sinestro Corps team. In face I was planning on doing that last week about forget when it came to team building. The team was:
My Team

Sinestro (Crisis) 146
Scarecrow (Blackness Night) 85
Lyssa Drak (Arkham Asylum) 72
Amon Sur (Arkham Asylum) 70
=373 points and two re-rolls.

I had to borrow Sinestro from Darren as he is the only member I do not have. The other teams were League of Assassins, Legion of Super Heroes and what was meant to be a Teen Titans. As Darren serjusted that I should try to list the other teams, I will give it a go.

League of Assassins
Ra's al Ghul (Brave and Bold) 102
Talia al Ghul (Brave and Bold) 67
Merlyn (Justice League) 55
Bronze Tiger (Justice League) 60
Batgirl (Crisis) 70
Man Bat Assassin (Arkham Asylum) 40
=394 points and three re-rolls.

The League of Assassins Team
Legion of Super Heroes
Lightning Lad (Legion of Super Heroes) 70
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) 70
Timber Wolf (Legion of Super Heroes) 60
Phantom Girl (Legion of Super Heroes) 40
Young Superman (Legion of Super Heroes) 100
Dawnstar (Crisis) 60
=400 points and three re-rolls.

Teen Titans Want to Bes.
Boy Wonder (Crisis) 40
Wally West (Crisis) 72
Roy Harper (Crisis) 53
Garth (Crisis) 65
Nightwing (Crisis) 79
John Walker (Armour Wars) 58 which was borrowed off someone as the player forgot their Liberty Belle
=367 points and no re-rolls as is not themed
Symbiotes vs. Mighty Avengers

I was the first player to be eliminated but I did manage to score enough kills to get second. The assassins won the game hands down, only losing the Man-Bat Assassin to my force.
Next week will be, 500 points, 3 actions, villains only. Also Feats are back in the club; however you can only use up to 30 points regardless of how many points are being played.

Now for this week's Heroclix news. As I did not have access to Battleplanner as my Laptop was still in repairs, I went to HCRealms unit section to build my team. I noticed not only do they have the Watchman stuff up but the Web of Spider-Man stuff up as well. Wow a lot of intrasting figures and some I did not know about. I will talk more about them next week but I am so wanting to do a Symbiote team, Venom, Carnage, Anti-Venom and several Symbiote minions, maybe Zombie Iron Man too for perplex. Ok, Zombie Iron Man is not a Symbiote, but the keyword I would be using the monster keyword as there is not a Symbiote one.

Iron Man taking on the Decepticons Runamuck and
This week's dream clix will be Transformer Buster Iron Man and Kakashi Hatake from Naruto.
First off, Transformer Buster Iron Man. This should be a colossal size or a double base giant size figure. With a trait that gives him a +2 to his attack value or a +1 to damage value when attack figures with the Robot or Armour keyword. Lots of high end damage reduction, range combat expert, a bit of running shot at the beginning, a special towards the end that gives a +1 to damage for every giant size and colossal size allies in base contact. Around 12 to 15 clicks with starting states of something like movement 12, attack 11, defence 18 and damage 4 with range 12 and 2 bolts. The Avengers TA with Robot, Avengers and Armoured keyword and maybe Scientist too. Oh and if it is a giant size figure then it should have the Flight symbol.

And now finally Kakashi. A trait called Sharingan Eye that gives him Probability Control. A special called Copy Ninja;
"Once per turn Kakashi can gain a power for a character that he can draw a line of fire to and are within 8 squares at any time during your turn. However if it is a special power, Kakashi will take a click of unavoidable damage. He will keep the power until the beginning of his next turn even if the he loses Copy Ninja however this power can be outwitted."
Kakashi Hatake
This power should be at the first half of his dial, but not on the starting click. Another special power he should have is Chidori:
"Kakashi can use charge. When Kakashi uses charge, his damage value becomes 5 and he can use exploit weakness. After making this attack, deal one click of unavoidable damage to Kakashi."
This power should by on the second half of his dial for only three clicks but not on the last click. His other powers should be leap climb, super senses (replacement jutsu), outwit, toughness, willpower and maybe force blast (A Thousand-Year of Pain). He should have eight to ten clicks deep with starting states of something like movement 10, attack 10, defence 18 and damage 2 with range 6 and 2 or 3 bolts.  The attack should go up to 12 when Chidori appears and then drop down to 8 on the last click. A Naruto TA (Batman TA) with keywords Team Kakashi, ANBU, Konohagakure, Ninja (generic) and Uchiha or Sharingan Eye.
Well, that is it for now. Until next time, enjoy.