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Monday, 9 August 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of the 2nd to the 8th of August


As Sherlock was the only thing that I watched or read this week that I have not already done a picture for, I will be using the space for opening and ending themes. However, there is only enough space for one video. Beep that, I while be doing three, however they all linkes Now with all of that done, let us move onto what I watch, listened, read or brought last week.
On Monday I watched this week’s episode of the new series of the Gadget Show and episodes 59 and 60 of One Piece.
On Tuesday I watched episodes 61 to 64 of One Piece and read chapters 134 and 135 of Naruto. I also brought a Wii game called Pirates: Hunt for Blackbeard's Booty, Naruto manga volume 18, Bleach manga volume 16, Dark Avengers graphic novel volume 1 and AC/DC Iron Man 2 soundtreack.  
On Wednesday I watched episodes 65 to 69 of One Piece and one Gadget Show web clip (Top 5 Alarm Clocks).
On Thursday I watched episodes 70 and 71 of One Piece, episodes 11 to 15 of Transformers: Masterforce and three Gadget Show web clips (Music Challenge part one, two and three).
On Friday I watched episodes 16 to 18 of Transformers: Masterforce, six Gadget Show web clips (Weather Stations Review, Top 5 Coffee Machines, Focus Group Test: BBQ, Planet-saving Challenge part one, two and three) and finished reading chapters 9 to 11 of Battletech: Legend of the Jade Phoenix volume 1 Way of the Clan.
On Saturday I watched episodes 72 to 75 of One Piece.
On Sunday I watched episode 76 to 79 of One Piece, episode 2 of Sherlock, a Gadget Show web clip (Entry-level PCs reviewed) and episodes 19 to 22 of Transformers: Masterforce. There is a new opening video from episde 22 of Transformers: Masterforce. However the song was still the same one.
The Opening theme this week is slightly special, it is the first opening video of One Piece.

This first video is the original Japanese one.

The Second one is the the 4Kids one. OK this is not the original but the modified version that includes Sanji and Chopper.

And lastly the Funimation version of the first opening video.