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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Neoscream's Life, 23rd to 29th of August

Welcome to the new weekly post, "Neoscream's Life". This will be replace both the "Blaire and friends" and the "Wii Fit" posts, also standard blog announcements will hopefully be posted here too. This will be more like a dairy then anything, but leaving out or altering an odd it to protect myself or friends.

Normally on a Monday I am working (11am to 5pm), but on Sunday I was called up by work. They wanted me to swop days off with another staff member. I agreed and ended up getting Monday off instead of Tuesday, which ended up becoming a very good thing as it ended up being a busy day. First off, after reading some posts on the Cosplay Deviant forums, I decided to take some pictures of my old Games Workshop stuff that I still have. However, after getting all the stuff and setting to all up. I found out that the batteries in my camera were dead and I could not find any fresh ones around the house. So sadly I had to give up on that idea and pack things up. Luckily, not long after giving up, Blaire came on to MFC. Everyone had missed her and she was busy in group and true private the first time she was on. Damn it, I missed her first ever shower show because it was a true private. After the true private she went off to get something to eat. During that time I watch an episode of One Piece. Blaire came back about half an hour later, but this time on Skype. We chatted on Skype for a while on Skype until she went off for a very quick nap. We talked about several things like the shower show and her travel plans (or the lake of them). She came back onto MFC about half an hour later after going for a nap and she was smoking. Knowing her I bet I know what is. She stayed on for a while and I got on finishing the last ever "Blaire and Friends" post. She when into a group or private show (cannot remember which) after a while and then she left MFC. We chatted for a little bit and I warned her about a little problem she was having. She already knew about it, but she did not know that it was that bad. When she left, I watched a bit more One Piece and then headed down stairs to do some Wii Fit. Sadly about half way into the twenty minute jog, I started to feel and be sick, more acidy water with bits than normal vomit. I manage to push on to finish the jog. I went up to have a bath to see to that would settle the stomach. It was settling it a little bit, but after being in the bath for almost half an hour my dad came home from work and he started mourning about not putting Wii stuff away. So I had to finish my bath strait away and go back down stairs to put the stuff away. The sickly feeling came back to full strength doing this, but luckily the watery vomit had stopped. According to my mum when she got home, there was the 24 hour vomiting bug going around. Great. I was ok while setting down, but as soon as I stood up the sickly feeling came back. I posted up the last “Blaire and friends” and watched a bit more anime before heading to bed. Oh and I have been forgetting to say, my internet was work much fast them it had been the whole of last week, but that would not last.
Blaire on Monday, sadly there are no good pictures of
Blaire from Tuesday

As I swopped shifts, with another staff member I had work on Tuesday (11am to 5pm).  I somehow manage to fit a lot of things in the morning before leaving for work. OK, two things really, but they are long things. First Blaire came on-line of MFC. She first had a hot group show and then someone took her to a private show when she had a shower. This time it was not a true private show. WOW. She was wear a bikini top only, however sadly or luckily (depending on how you look at it) she was miss judging the height of the camera when she lifted her legs up to wash them. After the shower we chatted for a minute or two on PMs and then she left. I headed down stairs to measure and weigh myself as it was that time again, which the result are in the last Wii Fit post. I did about 20 minutes of Wii Fit be for getting wash and leaving for work. While travelling to and from work and during my lunch break I wrote the Wii Fit post and started the introduction to this post. When I got home after work, I headed strait upstage to set up the laptop so it was buffering the next episode of One Piece. I was planning on head back down stairs to do some more Wii Fit as I had only manage to do 20 minutes so far. However as the site loaded up, I heard the front door opening. It was my dad so the idea of getting more training in on the Wii Fit went down the drain. I ended up watching some stuff online and start putting to gather the model list post. I was planning to finish it and post both it and the Wii Fit post on my blog but then after posting the Model List a little too early, my internet crapped up and I could not do anything online. I tried rebooting both the router and laptop, but nothing worked, so I want to bed very pissed off leaving the router unplugged. Oh and while working on the model list I realised why ZoeySmartz has not been online.
My Router

It is Wednesday, meaning it is my long shift at time (12pm to 9pm). I plugged the router back in and my internet was running, but at a very, very slow speed so I did not bovver to watch anything online. I manage to finish the model list and post the last “Wii Fit” post.  Sadly my dad was off work so I was not able to do any Wii Fit as my dad was off. The internet did slowly get better but it was still slow. I e-mailed Blaire to let her know about the internet problems veer my Blackberry. When I got to work I realised I forgot my bag. That was very odd of me as it is normally second natcher to me. Many times when I leave the house when I do not need the the bag I have to stop myself from grabbing it. After work, my internet had not improved at all. I ran internet speed test and found my internet speed was 160Kbps. I text my mates to let them know how bad my internet was.  Both Simon and Darren ageed that it was terrorble but Richard thought it was normal. As I carried on webbing, in got slower and slower until there was barely any internet. I tried the internet on my mum’s Notebook and the broadband speed on a test was 48Kbps. So I gave up and called it a night.  Moments after I went to bed I received an e-mail back from Blaire letting me know that she had received it.
Wii Sports Resort

Then it was Thursday, a day off. The internet was barely running. Did I manage to fight for an episode of One Piece, it took all of the morning and lunch time to get the epidose (25 minitue long at max and in standard def). I tried calling BT to see if there is a fault in the line. However, I could not do it on the line I was testing and the number did not work on my mobile. I tried phoning my mum to ask her to do the test for her work line. However because of staff problems, one of them walked out, she was too under staff to help. As the internet had totally stoped, I decided to disconnect the whole lot and give up. I went off to have a bath. After cooling down I decided to reconnect the router. When I got to the router I found that it had fallen off the place I put it. I reconnected everything and found the internet was work again, slow but working. During all of this, I did try to use my Wii, but found that the rechargeable battery was dead so I plugged it into charge and did a little bit of Wii Sports Resort. I suck at basketball. Also I worked on the Heroclix post. I get in contact with Richard about borrowing his extra router to see it my problem was the router. After all of that I cooked dinner and then after dinner headed off to Heroclix. When I get back home at about 11pm, the internet was still working luckily. It ended up being a long day and I did not get to bed until 1am.

Wii Fit Table
On Friday morning, the internet was still working and picking up speed as well. There was still not sign of Blaire on MFC, Skype or Twitter. I headed down stairs to go and do some Wii Fit. I first measured my waist and found I lost another 1cm, however when I went to turn on the Wii Board I found that the battery never changed. Great, not. I decided to take out the battery and charge it outside the Wii Board than in it. Luckily I have done the table now as you should be able to see. I had work at 11am to 4pm like a normal. It was very busy and ended up doing a job that meant to be a three person job by myself and when I did get help it was from a jark that kept insalting me about my speed. I am a Dyspraxia doing the job of three peolpe, what do you expect. It is like shalting at a blind person for not seeing something. It is not like he does not know about my Dyspraxia, I have explained things to him half a dozen times. Than the person in charge (the jark) left two or three hour earlier than he should of and there was no one to take over the drive thru, I ended up not getting a lunch brake.  When I got home, I clapsed in front of my laptop. I was too tiered to see if the Wii board's battery was charged enough to use. The big Cosplay Deviants announcement was not up of the site let. As it was about five day since Blaire last Twitter, I sent her an e-mail to see what was happening. Later during the evering, Noel came online on MFC and the video of the live recording of DeviantCast came on as well. The big announcement was in it.  Cosplay Deviants will now be doing two updates a week, Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday is new Deviant day when Saturday is new set from existing Deviants. After watching the video I headed to bed.
Starbucks Coffee

It was Saturday, the start of the weekend.  My dad was off work again so I could not do any Wii Fit. Head off to coffee before work to meet up with my mates like I always do. Normally these days it is me, Richard and Darren manly with Jake at times too. This week Darren was away in Yarmouth and there was no sign of Jake, forgot to ask Richard why Jake did not come. We arranged to meant up to deal with the routers. I had work from 12pm to 5pm. Later is the day when Richard came over we had problems setting up his router, but after a while we managed to set it up. However, later in the evening, his router lost connection to the internet and I had to swap back to my one. So it looks like the problems are not from the router. Other than that there was nothing else to really report. 

Fate/Stay Night
And lastly in was Sunday. Normally the end of the weekend, however it will be a bank holiday on Monday, so the weekend was longer. In was my day off again and I had a ton of things to do with my mum. We had off to Maplin first to get a new filter for the phone line, some AA batteries for my camera and a new power cable for the laptop. Then we headed off to PC World to get some bits for her Notebook. When we got back I then helped her with a bit of tidying. With all the running around I did not have time to do any Wii Fit before my dad got home from work. Richard phone about going out to listen to a random band, but as no one else was coming I that I was feeling tired I decided to not go and have a early night. I managed to watch someone to the anime demo DVDs I get with Neo Magazine from MVM. All were nice but as I have ago to watch already I will only continual with one of the three shows, Fate/Stay Night as I have heard a lot of good things about this show. Also I was really beginning to worry about Blaire, she had been Twittering all week and she never replied to the mail I sent her on Friday, so I sent her another one. OK, she is a big girl and can look after herself, plus it is normal for her to disappear for long periods of time, but it does not stop me from worrying about her. Oh forgetting to say that the internet was working fine now.
World's Finest (Batman and Superman) Duo Figure

Now do I have any plans next week, not really. I will so if Richard and Darren are going to Simon’s thing on Saturday and if they are I would been going to that, but over than that there is nothing really planned at the moment. Wow, writing all of this out really that’s a lot of time. I have however decided not to split the Heroclix and DreamClix post apart for the time being. But if Heroclix does not happen for some reason I will do a DreamClix post instead. Also just learnt that that my internet line speed is 256Kbps. What the hell! I pay for up to 8Mbps speed and only getting a max of ¼Mbps. That is total crap. It explains a lot.  Well I best call it a night. Until next time, enjoy.