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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Wii Fit, the 15th of August (The Return)

Well it has been about four months since I stop doing Wii Fit, but I decided to get back into it. When I weighed myself on Monday, I found in the space of four months off the Wii I had lost 6lb, but gained about 7.5cm in my waist. That shows that the weight gain/none change was to do with mussels. The plan this time is to still note down weight, but work on the waist then the weight. I will be taking my weight and measuring my waist ever three days in the morning if I can. I will be making a post after every three tests to let people know how things are going. This week I have been doing about 45 minutes a day every day, apart from Wednesday when I could not do any. I shockingly managed to get back into the grove too easily, which is worrying me. After the first three days I gained a pound in weight and my waist increased by 0.5cm (maybe I miss measured on Monday), but I lost the pound and 1cm on Sunday. The next Wii Fit post post should be the 24th of August. I will try to get new tables drawn up by the next Wii Fit post.