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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Blaire and Friends, 11th of August

Friday's Twitter Picture
Wow, Blaire has been on holiday for about a week now and there has been more communications between us compared to normal. Hippy. So let us get is started.
As I was walking home from the bus stop after work on Friday, my SilverBerry began to vibrate. I checked it and found I had a direct message on Twitter from Blaire. She needed help with mobile internet. When I got home, I looked around on-line for her and found a site that reviews and talk different mobile internet packages. I e-mailed the link to her as I know that she should be able to check it on her BlackBerry. She later replied back to me saying that she found it very useful. After I sent her the e-mail I found two Tweets on Twitter from her. The first was:

"Cali girl in Switzerland on the train to the country side, spring in my step and joy in my heart"

Blaire on MFC on Sunday
When I first read that post, I thought she said "Call Girl" and found it very odd that she was calling her self a call girl. Ok she is a model on MFC but a call girl, that is not the Blaire I know. I realised that Cali is short for something else, which I later learnt that it is short for California. The second tweet was almost the same as the direct message she sent my.
Later on that day, as I was getting ready to go to bed, I spotted Blaire was on MFC but not on cam. I PMed her hi and we ended up chatting for almost two hour. It might of been longer if it was not late and the fact that I had a long day the next day. I found out why she was only on the week before she left for her holiday. She ended up taking her little bother and sister on days out that was not planned when she wrote the schedule and then she fell sick during the weekend. Poor Blaire Bear, and she was still sick. The only thing I could think of that might help was chicken soup.  I told her to try some and she replied that she would if she could understand German. I quick search the internet for the German words from chicken soup and gave her the link to the result.
On Saturday I ask my mates and a member of staff from Carphone Warehouse about mobile internet and they gave me a little extra information which I e-mailed to Blaire. I kept an eye out from a reply but never spotted one.
Eva Unit-01 eating an Angel
She was on cam on MFC during Sunday. By the sound of things twice, but I only catched her the second time. Wow, the views outside was as beautiful as the person on cam. From both Friday and Sunday I learnt more about her and remember an odd fact that I forget, she knows French. The views from the cottage she was staying in were fantastic. Blaire had dumped most of her old clothes in shelters and brought some cheap stuff for Target (not 100% sure on the store), many white t-shirts. Does this mean I need to change her colour on Wii to white! Blaire at times was singing "The Sound of Music" which I kept getting flashbacks to "Rebuilding of Evangelion 2.0". They used tribute songs to "The Sound of Music" on two of the bloodiest senses. When Eva Unit-01 was reaping apart Eva Unit-03 with pilot still in it and when Eva Unit-01 reaped apart and eat an angel. Evangelion is fucked up, what is why people like it so much. I would post a clip if I could find one on-line but I could not. So you have to settle with a picture and a link to the track
Monday's Twitter Picture
Someone wanted a private show with her, so Blaire went into the bathroom and locked the door. I had peaked in on the Private show and spotted that she had striped down to her underwear and was dancing. Some people also said she was singing but sadly when I peaked I did not hear any of her beautiful singing. Then she quick went off camera and post in chat:

Love you guys the family came knocking!!!
OMG you guys...
I hope I'm not in trouble!

Oh no, was she in trouble? Luckily they did not catch her. All they wanted was to let her know what was to plan for the next day, lol. She called it a day. Afterwards I noticed I had a reply from the e-mail I sent her on Saturday. It was dated Saturday and marked as read. What on earth! I had been keeping an eye out for a reply and never saw one, let alone read one. Very odd.
On Monday she posted Tweet on Twitter with a picture of her in the great outdoor:

"Swiss Alps! So beautiful and serene :) I feel on top of the world!!"
Wednesday's Twitter Picture

Wow. Personal I would be terrorised being that close to the edge with only a single wire finch protecting me. I am terrorised of heights and more scarred of dying. 
Lastly on Wednesday there was another Tweet on Twitter with a picture:

“Beautiful day at the Zurich Lake, swimming with swans<3 oooh lala me in my bathingsuit!

Well that is it for this post as I have not been on MFC much to see the other Smartz