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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Models and Deviants

Here is the updated MFC list, now including Cosplay Deviants models. I would of had a tiny picture of each Smartz Girl and Deviant, however that was coursing too much problems, so I am only doing two, one Smartz Girl (Blaire) and one Deviant (Quinn).

Blaire: MFC - Twitter - Website coming soon.
CharlieSmartz: MFC - Twitter
HarlequinJ/Nova: MFC - Twitter - CD
HelenSmartz: MFC - Twitter
JadeSmartz: MFC - Twitter
Jsica: CD
Lexicon: CD no longer a member - Twitter
Nana_theneko/Nana: MFC - Twitter - CD
NaughtyNoel: MFC - Twitter - CD
Quinn: CD - Twitter
SuzySmartz: MFC - Twitter - Website
ZoeySmartz: MFC - Twitter

Please note the following have been dumped from the list and will be (if not already) removed from labels: KeyserSozee, NataliaRose, RobinSwallows and SarahJean.

PS. On Thursday there will be a big announcement on Cosplay Deviants. What it is I do not know, however the site Admin has stated that it is costing a lot of money.