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Monday, 23 August 2010

Blaire and Friends Update, 23rd August (The Last One)

Blaire's twitter picture from the 14th of August

Ok it has almost been two weeks since the last "Blaire and Friends" post. I have several extra things I would like to add to this week's post. Them being computer problems update, Cosplay Deviants/MFC news and a bit of major blog news. Ok, so where to being.
On the 13th a member of PC World staff popped into the place I worked and I asked them if they manage to get any wireless cards in yet. They said yes, so after work I headed to PC World to get one and an external DVD drive for my mum’s Notebook as she was planning on getting one during the weekend anyway. Sadly they did not have wireless card in still, the person I asked must have thought I meant the ones for laptops. I decided to pick up the equipment that turns your mains power into a Ethernet cable and connect the main computer to the hub that way. So I now had internet on the main computer, but it was slow.  But then I also noticed Notebook wireless internet was slow too.
Blaire on MFC, Tuesday 17th of August
On the 14th, there was a Tweet from Blaire. She was at a street parade in Zurich.

"Zurich street parade!! Tons of skin here whoo!""

Then on Tuesday, the 17th, she was on MFC. Sadly I only got the last ten minutes as I was downstairs busy on Wii Fit to notice that she was online until the last moment. I barely could hear what she said as the internet connection was so damn slow. However a couple of hours later my laptop came back from its repairs. Hippy. However the internet was still slow on it as well. I realised that it was my internet that was the problem. Great, not. Blaire was on Skype later on that night. We chatted for about 40 minutes. It could of lasted longer but I was too tired to stay up. Oh and also the fuse blow again on the plug for my laptop. Sadly I need to get a new power cable at point in time. Until then, I have to use the power cable for the old laptop.
This is the main picture on Noel's
The next day, there was a Tweet from her saying:

"Whoo 69 follower! Love that number xxx"

Later on that day, I noticed a profile picture pink haired girl on the MFC homepage that I recognised. It was Noel from Cosplay Deviants, as NaughtyNoel. OMG. Chatting to her and looking at her profile, I learnt that she started MFC sometime last month and that at least two other Cosplay Deviants models were on MFC, Nova (HarlequinJ) the head model of Cosplay Deviants and Nana (Nana_theneko). Wow. They just need to drag Quinn on, lol. I also learnt a couple of things about Noel. I know she played WoW (World of Warcraft) but I did not realised that she was that big of a fan. This finally got me posting in the Cosplay Deviants forums, aiming for the 100 post to become a VIP. So far only 20 post as I write this. Noel was also on MFC the next three days as well.
On Friday morning Blaire posted a Tweet saying:

"On the train to Germany!! Freiburg"

Little did anyone know that it would lead to chaos later that day.
Blaire's Twitter Picture on the 21st of August

"I am 100% lost in a tiny town in Germany... The only one where absolutely no one speaks English and it’s getting dark quick... Don't panic!"

Panic, I was worried and then an hour later:

"Update: I'm in the wrong city, I'm supposed to be 3 hours away. No wifi, no shower :( yes breakfast. Where am I?!? Missing home.."

Oh no. Why am I worrying about how unplanned her holiday is.  The next day there was two Tweets updates on what was happening.

"Thanks for all the love! Woke up to a beautiful sunset..brand new day:) hmm where will it lead me?"
Blaire's first Twitter Picture on the 22nd of August

"Almost back to the swiss border! Somehow did it with no help from the Germans, except a free sprite bought with I found on the ground"

Then there was two more tweets from her on Sunday:

"My last sunset on the zurich lake"

"Last sunset on the zurich lake part 2 xoxo"

And that was it. The other Smartz girls or Deviants were not on when I was online and free, so I never chatted to them. Sorry, take that back, I did try chat to SuzySmartz on Tuesday however she was busy. Blaire was on both MFC and Skype on Monday for several hours, but I will cover that another day.
Blaire's Second Twitter Picture on the 22nd of August 
Now for the site news, I have decided to make this the last "Blaire and Friends" post. However it will be replaced with a post about what has been happening it my life which will include chatting with Blaire, the other Smartz girls and Noel, but they will not be the mean focus of the post or include tweets, unless they were important. It will be weekly, when I have not decided, I currently thinking Tuesdays, but it will not be this one. I will be posting a new model list soon as well, maybe tomorrow. Well until the next post, enjoy.