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Friday, 27 August 2010

Heroclix, 26th August, Evil Bash

First of let me start off with this statement, this will be the 100th post on “Neoscream’s Log”. Hippy. 100 and still going. There are some major changes coming next week if you have not been reading but do not worry the Heroclix post is still going. However I am currently thinking of giving Dream Clix its own post from next week. This week’s post is massive one, four pages long on word before adding pictures. So by time you add the other teams, what happen and Heroclix news it will most likely be at least a whopping four or five pages long.

As last week's Heroclix never happened as I was not well, me stomach was acting up. Last week's game was move to this week. It was 500 points, 3 actions, villains only. On Monday last week I received a text from Darren about new house ruling on feats.
"FEATS THEME TEAM AND HOUSE RULES. After a lot of thought I've decided that feats will be allowed for non generic theme teams only, and a maximum of 30pts will be allowed no matter what the team build is. As an incentive not to use feats, theme teams will have a 1% allowance on team builds ie 300 = 303pts."
My Team
If I had known this week's event before the last event I would of saved Sinestro Corps for this one. Never mind. I ended up going for Sinister Syndicate team.

Dr. Octopus (Secrete Invasion) 69
Kraven (Vet Sinister) 79
Rhino (Exp Sinister) 79
Beetle (Vet Sinister) 78
Hydro Man (Exp Sinister) 57
Mysterio (Vet Ultimates) 68
Electro (Vet Ultimates) 55
=485 points and three re-rolls.

Fearsome Five
The other teams were:

Fearsome Five
Sabbac (Arkham Asylum) 145
Dr. Sivana (Crisis) 111
Mammoth (Crisis) 118
Shimmer (Crisis) 49
Mikron O'Jeneus (Brave and the Bold) 79
=502 points and 2 re-rolls.

Gorilla Grodd (LE Arkham Asylum) 157
Psimon (Crisis) 94
Psycho-Priate (Crisis) 70
The Top (Arkham Asylum) 80
Despero (Arkham Asylum) 88
=489 points and two re-rolls.

Injustice League
The Joker (Arkham Asylum) 97
Lex Luther (Justice League) 161
Henchman (LE Arkham Asylum) 40
Major Disaster (Justice League) 59
Zoom (Arkham Asylum) 130
=487 point and two re-rolls.

The first game I was up ageist the Psychic team. It was close game but I manage to kill enough of my opponent's force to win it. The second game was the Fearsome Five which my whole team was OK before time. The last game was the Injustice League. Sadly the fact that he was mainly stealthers with good range attacker meant meant I had to get up close to his force meaning I had to suffer poison damage from The Joker and later Henchman. I ended up in last procession sadly.
Injustice League

Next week will be 300 points, rookies only, no figure over 99 points. This while be introesting

There has been no new Heroclix over the last two week from the main Heroclix website, but on HCRealm I found a link to a first look review of Web of Spider-Man that revils, two of the LEs, another Venom and Toxin. There are also lots of great pictures of the figures too. My only problem in the set is that there is too many re-paints in the set. The Spider-man on the wall sculpt is used three times in the set (Spider-Man, black suit Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider) as well as a forth LE one (Venom). In fact about six figures have at less one in set (not including LEs) repaint and the two LEs we know of are re prints of these figures too. Oh the link is I still planning to get it if I have the money and can find it

This week's Dream Clicks will be five figures as there was no post last week. They are giant size figure Sentinel, Master Mold, Goku, Money D. Luffy from One Piece and generic One Piece pirate henchman. But first I want to settle the Shonen Jump Heroclix TAs. I will make them mange base than team. Eg. Bleach and Naruto than Soul Reapers and Leaf
Village. Below is a list of series listed on the Shonen Jump website and what the AT does:

  • Beet the Vandel Buster - Do not know as I have not read or seen it.
  • Bleach - Same as X-Men.
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - I am not touching this.
  • Death Note - Same as Mystics.
  • Dragon Ball - Same as Fantastic Four.
  • Hikaru no Go - It is a manga about the game Go, so not really suitable for Heroclix.
  • Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya) - Do not know as I have not read or seen it.
  • Naruto - Ignore hindering, water, outside walls and outside blocking terrain for move.
  • One Piece - Same as Ultimate X-Men.
  • Rurouni Kenshin - Do not know as I have not read or seen it.
  • Sandland - Do not know as I have not read or seen it.
  • Shaman King - Same as Sinister Syndicate.
  • Slam Dunk - It is a manga about Basketball, so not really suitable for Heroclix.
  • The Prince of Tennis - It is a manga about tennis, so not really suitable for Heroclix.
  • Ultimo - Have not read enough to make that call.
  • Whistle! - It is a manga about football, so not really suitable for Heroclix.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wild Card. OK, it is a manga about a card game these days (not originally), but I have an idea.
  • YuYu Hakusho- Do not know, as I have not read or seen it.

With that almost settled, there is a change I would like to do to a character already done. Kakashi, instead of leap climb he should have stealth.

The Sentinel never felled that they were done well as a colossal figure. They seemed to last too long and the states and power dropped too quickly. For a booster generic, giant size would feet the Sentinel a lot better. Say 5 clicks with Flight and Indomitable. It should have a trait called, "Anti-Mutant."
"Anti-Mutant: When making an attack action ageist a figure with the X-Men, Brotherhood or Ultimate X-Men TA or the mutant keyword, Sentinel gains a +1 to both attack and damage."
A special Minion power called something like Enforcers.
"Enforcers: Minion - if there is another unit with the Robot keyword within 8" that has a points value of equal to or greater than this figure. This figure gains a +1 to defence."
Master Mold
Also with powers like Running Shot, Energy Explosion, Invulnerability, Toughness, Energy Shield Deflation, Range Combat Expert and Outwit. Starting states of movement 10, attack 10 or 11, defence 18, damage 3 and range 10 with one or two targets. Ever no TA or S.H.I.E.L.D. TA with keyword Robot.

Next is Master Mold. He should be a colossal event figure like Phoenix, Anti-Monitor and Staro. As this should be an event figure I will not be going into as much detail like other figures. The figure should only have one power level but there should be different numbers of Sentinels that it comes into play with.  There should be a trait like Spear Part and special abilities like Factory and Hive Mind.
"Spear Parts: When a figure with the Robot keyword is KOed place a build token on Master Mold's card."
Kid Goku from Dragon Ball
"Factory: At the end of each turn, place a build token on Master Mold's card. Give Master Mold a power action, remove 5 build tokens and place a (giant figure) Sentinel in base contact of Master Mold."
"Hive Mind: Master Mold has Perplex and the feat Brilliant Tactician."

Now for Goku. This will be kid Goku from Dragon Ball and not adult Goku from Dragon Ball Z/Kai. Let me see, he should have special called Kamehamehe and Great Ape.
"Kamehamhe: Goku can use Range Combat Expert. The Goku uses range combat expert his range is doubled."
"Great Ape: at the beginning of your turn roll a D6. On a result of 5 or 6, replace this character with Great Ape on its orange starting line. Existing action tokens from is character are applied to the replacement Great Ape. If replace, no victory points are awarded for this character and the replacement Great Ape is considered to be the same points cost as Goku for all game effects."
Other powers should be Charge, Flurry, Leap Climb, Toughness, Super Strength, Close Combat Reflexes, Close Combat Expert and maybe Willpower. His starting states should be movement 12, attack 10, defence 17 and damage 4. Range 4 with one target. His attack should have a mid or end dial peak at 11 or 12. He should have the Dragon Ball TA and keywords of Kid, Martial Artist, Dragon Ball Gang, turtle shell school and Saiyan. I try ti remember to do Great Ape next week and well another thing missing here.
Money D. Luffy from One Piece

Next up is Money D. Luffy, his should have two traits called Devil Fruit Powers and Rubber Man that does:
"Devil Fruit Powers: If Luffy is in water terrain, he loses all his powers and any other traits, his movement value becomes halve, his range becomes 0 and he gains Earthbound power."
"Rubber Man: Luffy can use Plasticity. After making a successful close combat attack that deals damage, this character can use force blast as a free action."
Other powers he should have are Leap Climb, Charge, Toughness, Super Senses and Incapacitate. Starting states of movement 10, attack 10, defence 19, damage 3 or 4 and range 6 with one target. The One Piece TA and the keywords Pirate, Straw Hat Crew, teen and Devil Fruit.

Lastly generic Pirate henchmen. Most pirate crews apart from the Straw Hats have henchman. They should have the One Piece TA and the keywords Pirate and maybe ever Warrior or Soldier. A special Minion power trait called Crew:
Black Cat Pirates
"Crew: When we revilling you force, pick a non-generic keyword a friendly figure with the Pirate keyword has. This figure gains that keyword for the game. If there is a friendly figure within 8 of this figure, this figure gains a +1 to attack and toughness."
Other powers should be Leap Climb and Blades. About 3 to 5 clicks of life and starting states of movement 8, attack 8, defence 15 and damage 1. Range 4 with targets 1.

Wow, what a whopper of a post. While that is it for this post. Until next time, enjoy.