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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blaire and Friends, 5th of August

Blaire's old profile picture

Ok, I did said I would wait until ever the second time Blaire was on line or Sunday to post a new "Blaire and Friends" post. So let us get started. Blaire was not on-line again on Monday 26th July. Great, not! But when I got home from work HelenSmartz was on. She did not seem as cute as she does in the profile picture, but I still stand by what I said last week, "she I the second hottest Smartz girl".
It almost seems like a standard on MFC that the profile pictures barely looks like the model. Just look at Blaire's first profile picture. Maybe, both Blaire's and Helen's pictures were old ones. The members in Helen's room were talking about the dogs all the Smartz girls have. But I have been finding that all American woman seem to own at least a dog or at least all the ones I know. Odd, I always thought cats were a girl’s best friend, not dogs. Oh and talking about dogs, I had not seen a sausage dog in years until I had saw Blaire's and now I see them all over the place. Has she already started a worldwide fashion craze?
On Tuesday 27th July, Blaire still was not on-line again. Wow, a week into the new schedule and she had only followed two days. However when I woke up there was a Tweet on Tweeter from her saying:

“Just leaving LA from a sexy photoshoot! Making sets for Members Only xoxo”

It kind of explains what happened. Well, only the fact why she was not on-line not why see said she should be. Also on Tweeter, SuzySmartz reviled that another new girl will be join the Smartz team, JadeSmartz. She also gave out her Tweeter account too. Ok so ZoeySmartz is the only Smartz girl without a Tweeter account. How long will that last for?
On the morning of Wednesday 28th Blaire was on-line, hippy. But sadly only for five minute before going into a private show, that lasted nearly an hour. She left strait after would. Lucky she did say bye before logging off. Also according to the Tweets from the Smartz girls were posting, it should have been Jades debut. She was logged onto MFC but she never came on cam. Maybe she could not get her new web cam to work in time.
Blaire on Wednesday. Sorry this is the best picture I have
from that day. Five minutes was really enough time to get
a good one while you are thinking you would have more
time to take a good one.
On Thursday 29th July, Blaire was on-line on MFC, but she was never on cam and she never replied to any of my PMs. She was logged on for over six hours. Maybe she left her computer on and forgot to log out of MFC. She must have logged on to chat to Suzy or one of the other Smartz girls as all but Helen was logged on when I woke up. Blaire's schedule did say she was not planning on being on-line, so it’s understandable why she was not cam. Also Jade made her debut but I was busy doing other things (watching Superman: Doomsday) to check her out. Oh there was a Tweeter from Blaire during the night saying:

“Dinner at phils!

And that was the last time Blaire was on line, however she was still Tweetering. I will go into details of the Tweeter in a moment. Jade was on MFC on Friday 30th July, so I decided to get a quick look. Oh great, another big breasted girl and by the look of things they are bigger than Suzy's. Never mind. And that was really it for MFC, been too busy with computer problem to check out the other Smartz girl. Now for Blaire’s Tweets.  I will post them as a list as it would be easier.
Blaire's Tweeter picture.

“Trying to get everything together for my trip to Europe:D” Saturday

She is busy packing now. I jokingly replied: "Don't forget ur post port"

“Leaving for zurich from Los angeles in less than 24 hours!! Xoxo” Monday

“Chillin with @SuzySmartz and @zoeysmartz before heading to LAX. Fun times in cali:)” Tuesday

Now Zoey has a Tweeter account. Checking her on Tweeter I found out that she had only just joined the day before. So now all the Smartz girls are on Tweeter.

“Adios California! New York here I come! Lax” Tuesday

“JFK airport, next stop Zurich, Switzerland!!” Tuesday

And lastly.

An old picture of Blaire as I am out
of good new pictures to post.
“Just landed in zurich and met my dad and sister for the first time!” Wednesday

Hope she is enjoying the time with them. Well that is it for the Blaire and Friend post. Due to the fact that she will most likely be on-line rarely while she is on holiday, I will be doing a Blaire and Friends post ever every time or every other time she is on-line. She has said she would try to go on MFC while on holiday but sadly I am not holding my breath on how often as the last three weeks she has only been on cam on MFC a whole four times and she was not on holiday then.
On other notes, I am really hating my mum’s Notebook, it is too beeping small, the keys are hard to see (ok I do normally work in bad lighting which does not help) and the touch pad is a nightmare to use. They only good thing I have to say about it is that its battery life is fantastic. My laptop only lasts about 30 to 45 minutes these days. Well I better got the Heroclix post ready for tonight’s games. Until next time, enjoy.

P.S. Links Update
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