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Monday, 2 August 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week 26th March to 01st August

Transformers: (Super God) Masterforce
Welcome to the first post of a new month. I am hoping this month will be as good as the last one. As Blaire was only on once this week, I will be delaying the "Blaire and Friends" post until after the next time she is on-line or until next week, which ever happens first. Also I am hoping to do the Dion review I have been planning soon as well. I just need the right setting and be it the right mood to get started.
Well best get on with the "Watch, Listen and Read" post. During the week, I found out when I was looking to see if the arc I was about to start on One Piece was filler or not and I learnt that One Piece did not follow 26 episodes per series like Naruto. The first series lasted 62 episodes. Wow, I could tell it was filler by the filler character designs . This means I have not finished series one yet.
On Monday I watched episodes 45 to 50 of One Piece. Hippy, there is a new open from episode 48.
Laputa - Castle in the Sky
On Tuesday I watched episodes 51 to 53 of One Piece, episode 3 of Transformers: Masterforce and episode 9 of Gundam Seed.
On Wednesday I watched episode 54, the first Movie and the first TV special of One Piece "Adventure in the Ocean's Navel" of One Piece, episode 4 of Transformers: Masterforce and episode 10 of Gundam Seed.
On Thursday I watched episodes 17 and 18 of Gundam Wing, Superman: Doomsday, episodes 5 to 7 of Transformers: Masterforce, episodes 11 and 12 of Robotech: Macross Saga, episode 48 of Batman: The Animated Series, episode 10 of Tactics, episode 18 of Kurokami, episode 55 of One Piece, episode 15 of Noein, episode 7 of the second series of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Laputa - Castle in the Sky and listened to episode 162 of TF:Wire. I also ordered volume 5 of Burst Angel and pre-ordered Iron Man 2.
On Friday I watched episode 13 of Saki, episode 8 of Transformers: Masterforce, episode 8 of Love Hina, episode 7 of Spider-Man: The New Series (2003) and episode 5 of Martian Successor NADESICO. I also ordered volume 3 of Love Hina.
On Saturday I watched episode 49 of Batman: The Animated Series, episode 7 of Canaan, episode 11  Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, episode 21 of the original series of Fullmetal Alchemist, episode 16 of Otogizoushi, episode 9 of Transformers: Masterforce and finished reading chapter 8 of Battletech: Legend of the Jade Phoenix volume 1 Way of the Clans.
On Sunday I watched episode 11 of Tactics, episode 1 of Sherlock, episodes 56 to 58 and the second movie of One Piece as well as the 6 minute special that came with the second movie "Jango's Dance Carnival", episode 33 of Death Note, episode 19 of Gundam Wing and episode 10 of Transformers: Masterforce. Sherlock is a modern take of Sherlock Homes by the BBC.
I did not end up watching as much One Piece as I thought I would. In fact it was only 6 episodes, 1 one hour special and a movie. However my system will be suffering it 15 week shake up which will end up putting One Piece in watching overdrive again. I am really enjoying One Piece which was a major shock as when I originally watching it on TV (the 4kids dub) years ago, I did not really like it. Was it the fact the the 4kids dub was crap or the fact that I was not as tuned in to the comedy side of anime back then I did not know, but I do that I am really liking it new. I am even thinking on working on a One Piece RPG, maybe use the d20 Anime system from Guardians of Order. Well that is it for now. Oh, wait there is one more thing, from now on if I have the room, I will include a anime opening or ending video. This week is one of my favourites, the opening to Ga-Rei Zero, Paradise Lost by Chihara Minori. Chihara also did the voice of Kagura Tsuchimiya and is a well known voice actorest and singer. Until next time, enjoy. 
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