MK HeroClix House Rules

Friday, 6 August 2010

Heroclix, 5th August, Hellfire

This week's game was 400 points, Earth, Wind and Fire scenario.  What is Earth, Wind and Fire?  Only Darren, the judge, know before the event. All that we, the players, know while building are teams was that we need to bring a 400 point team. Talking to Darren, he has said I should try to use more figures/characters that I have never used before.  With that in mind I started working on my team. I first thought of trying a Fatal Five team, but with attack values of mainly 9, it would have been a bad team. Then I looked at doing a Legion of Super Villains team but they only have attack values of 9 and were only 300 points. Then out of the blue it came to me, B.P.R.D. team.

Lobster Johnson (Rook Indy) 41
Hellboy (B.P.R.D. Box Set) 125
Captain Ben Daimio (B.P.R.D. Box Set) 65
Johann Kraus (B.P.R.D. Box Set) 50
Roger (B.P.R.D. Box Set) 110
=391 points and two theme team rerolls.

The Ulimates
When I got to click, Darren told me what on Earth is this Earth, Wind and Fire scenario is. During the first round of games the Battlefield Earthquake is in play, during the second its Cross Winds and the third Inferno. The other teams were an Ultimates team and two non-themed teams, one Marvel and the other DC. I was up against the non-themed Marvel team with the Earthquake Battlefield in play. Sadly I lost that game just could not get to Moonstone to stop the wild card Mystics. The second game was ageist the Ultimates team with the Cross Winds Battlefield in play. As I did not have any flyers on my team I was not affected by the Battlefield, I just waited on top of a building for my opponent to come to me which he did.  I manage to win with only losing Lobster Johnson. But he did massively helped take down over half the force. The last game was ageist the non-themed DC team with the Inferno and I got white washed. Overall I did not do too well.
Next week is my scenario and both ideas have been combined. Here is the fall scenario. It will be 400 points, multi-player game. Standard house rules random turn order while be in play. At the beginning of a player’s turn, they randomly select one of their figures then they roll a D6 to depending what will happen to figure until the players next turn:
1. Figure loses any powers on movement and their movement symbol becomes the standard boot symbol.
2. Figure loses any powers on attack and their attack symbol becomes the standard fist symbol.
3. Figure loses any powers on defence and their defence symbol becomes the standard shields symbol.
Stealth Armour Iron Man
4. Figure loses any powers on damage and their damage symbol becomes the standard explosion symbol.
5 or 6. The Figure loses all their Powers, TAs, ATAs, Feats and Traits, all their symbols become the standard ones and they can only target one character with range attacks.
It is not as devastating as what it was going to be but still interesting. I might go for a Sinestro Corps team.
Now for Heroclix news, there have been several new previews over the week from Web of Spider-Man. There is Chameleon, J. Johah Jameson, Mysterio and Wolverine. Intersting, old JJ is 26 points, has three clicks of life with two clicks of perplex and he has a trait that can cancel Spider-Man Allies TA. Also the Chameleon can cancel the AE power too and Wolverine heals one click of damage per turn as a trait. Wow, I am liking the new traits from this set.
This week's dream clix I will cover Stealth Suit Iron Man and Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach as well as changes to lost weeks.
Stealth Suit Iron Man should be eight clicks of life with stealth on the first six clicks, Toughness, Energy Shield Deflection and Outwit though out the dial. Also he should be a flier and have a high defence at the start, say 18. He should have a range value, may be 8. No TA, with at least Armour and Spy keywords.
Byakuya Kuchiki
Now for Byakuya Kuchiki, a special damage power called Scatter, Byakuya can make a ranger combat expert attack as if he has range 6. Maybe a special somewhere called Bankai, where he turns using the AE rules into his Bankai from (I will not be designing his Bankai from today). He should also have Hypersonic to represent his Flash Step abilities, Blades, Outwit and Willpower or Indomitable. With states, may be movement 8 and a high attack like 11 or 12. No range value. He should ever has a Bleach (Ultimates but movement only) TA or Soul Reaper (Free Movement aka Avengers) TA and keywords Soul Reaper, 6th Division, Captain and Ruler or Politician (as he is the head of one of the four great noble families).
Last work I forgot to say about range and keywords.
Ultimate Shadowcat should have no range and the keywords of Teen and Ultimate X-Men.  Zoro should have no range too and the keywords Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Warrior and Straw Hat Crew. Also on Zoro I want to change the Three Swords Style special as it seems a little too powerful to Blades with plus one to damage.
Well that is it for this week. Oh and on a last note has anyone seen the Thor trailer. It is fantastic. Until next time, enjoy.