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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wii Fit on the 16 to 24 of August

OK, the will be the last Wii Fit post as it is being merged with the new post that is replacing the "Blaire and Friend" post, which might be called "Neoscream's Life" as this post is too short to be a standard post of its own. Last week I forgot to talk about the new Mii's I added. These where a Dark Elf, Brock from Pokemon, Winnie the Poo and the Undertaker from WWE. Also as Blaire is mainly wearing white tops at the moment I had changed her colour from purple to white for now. OK, now on to my Wii fit results. On Wednesday I had lost 2.5cm in the waist and 4lb. OMG. 4lb is a bit too much to lose in three day. Oh well. Sadly on Saturday I could not get onto Wii Fit as my dad was off work so I could not test my weight. Then on Tuesday I lost 0.5cm and 2lb more. A total of 3.5cm=1.5" and 6lb in the space of 15 days. Wow. It is good to see that I am losing it, but it do worry me a little that losing that much weight so fast was a bit unhealthy, until chat to my mum. Sadly I still need to put together a table. Hope to have one ready for the first ever "Neoscream's Life" post next week. Well until my next post, enjoy.