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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of the 9th to the 15th of August

Dragon Ball Kai
First of yes I have realisted I have been forgeting to put links up for the shows. I will try to fix it as soon as I can if I have not alreadly done so. Again most of the stuff I watched this past week has had pictures before, apart from Dragon Ball Kai. So the spear spots will be dedicated to opening and closing videos. Also I finished series 3 of One Piece now.
On Monday I watched this week’s episode of the new series of the Gadget Show, episodes 79 to 84 of One Piece and episodes 23 and 24 of Transformers: Masterforce.
On Tuesday I watched episode 135 of the dubbed version of Naruto, episode 85 of One Piece, episode 25 of Transformers: Masterforce and a Gadget Show web clip (Festo Air Jelly Fish).
On Wednesday I watched a Gadget Show web clip (Top 5 Beauty Gadgets).
On Thursday I watched episode 8 of Dragon Ball Kai, six Gadget Show web clips (Focus Group Test: Outdoor Toys, Apple iPhone 2nd Gen, Topfield TF5810 PVRt, Fring, Grand Designs Live and Moto Z10), episodes 26 to 29 of Transformers: Masterforce and episode 86 of One Piece.
On Friday I watched episode 30 of Transformers: Masterforce and episode 34 of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. Also I brought Facebreacker K.O. Party for the Wii and volume 3 of Love Hina and the new issue of Neo Magaize arrived ion the post.
On Saturday I watched episode 31 of Transformers: Masterforce and episodes 87 to 90 of One Piece. Also pick up the recent Sherlock Holmes movie.
On Sunday I watched episode 3 of Sherlock, episode 136 of the dubbed version of Naruto and episodes 91 to 93 of One Piece.
I forgot to state last week the name and artists of the tracks. With the 4Kidz one I have not a clue on the name of the song (if it had one) or the artist. With the Japanese one the track was called “We Are!” by Hiroshi Kitadani.  Lastly the Funimation version went by the same name, but who did it I have not got a clue. This week's the first one is the opening to RahXephon called "Hemisphere" by Maaya Sakamoto. And the second is the fourth ending to Bleach called "Happy People" by Skoop on Somebody. Hope you all enjoy, until next time.