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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Return of the Computer Problems

ASUS X70S - My Laptop

I did not state anything about the computer problems in the "Watch, Listen and Read" post as I had already written it and just needed to copy and paste it and add the pictures and video. You all might remember the problems I had about a couple of months ago. Well the laptop fan did get better, but then two weeks ago then fan started acting up again. Great, not! I decided to give it a month or two to save up so I can send the computer off for a tune-up and to be upgraded, plus have a wireless card put into it before sending the laptop off for repairs. If I did the laptop first I would be without normal internet for a week or two. Then the weekend before last the DVD/Blue Ray player on it stopped working all together. It has been acting up for a long time. I then decided to skip the upgrade and just go for the tune-up and wireless card. But my Anti-Virus came up for renewal and it cost a lot more than I remembered it to be, about twice as much. So I decided to wait until more next pay day (10th of August). Then on Sunday night the laptop fan would not stop rattling and then the power cable stopped working altogether. I have a feeling that the laptop was majorly overheating and the fuse blow in the plug. I grabbed the power cable of my mum's laptop as there are the same wattage and shout down the laptop for a couple of hours to let it cool down. When I restarted it, the fan only acted up while programs were loading and then it went quiet. It was cold when I turned it on but after ten minutes the place where the processor is was warm, this seems likely a problem. Sadly I needed to get things dealt with now. After a mad rush Monday morning, getting everything ready for taking the computer is to PC World for a tune-up and to get a wireless card put into it, I spotted two possible problems. On the computer it stated it had three year protect and the PC World site stated that they cannot repair ASUS laptops. But I should have £10 a month each performance protection on both of them and the computer was four years old on the day. However when I get there, I found out that the three year protection was for home call outs and I still have the standard services. They book in for the tune-up and instorlation on Wendsday, but they could not take the computer on the day. I had to drop it off Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. So I lodged the computer to and from the store in taxis. The only problem was that they had no wireless cards in store and they will only instead for free during tune-ups stuff brought for the store. It would cost something like £25 to instead. Great, not. The next day, both me and my mum were off so we called to arrange a day to get the laptop picked up to be fit and to thinks of a way to get around the internet problem. The techguys tried to fix the DVD/Blue Ray player over the phone but it did not work so they arrange a pick up on Thursday. After that an idea came to us. My mum has wanted to get a new laptop/notebook for some time, so we decided to pick up a Notebook for her as we drop off the computer for its free tune-up. While the laptop is away I would be borrowing her Notebook and getting it ready for her to use, like setting up an e-mail address, putting her work spreadsheets onto it and may be setting up facebook and Skype. I also manage to find a laptop coolant pad for my laptop when pick up the Notebook. I have always been looking for one but could not find one for a 17" laptop, all I could find were 14" ones. Now that should of fixed most of the problems. If there are any problems with the computers tune-up or the laptop's repairs I lot you know. The next post will be the "Blaire and Friends". Sadly the Dion review is being pushed back until the laptop is back so I might do a deferent review first. However the post after "Blaire and Friends" should be the Heroclix post. Until next time, enjoy.

P.S. It was the fuse that blow on the cable we had put in a new one on Monday, however it blow again on Tuesday night. Third was odd as the Laptop was not overheating due to the coolest pad. Add doggie power cable to the list of problems with the laptop.