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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 26th and 29th April

Ok, I known I said I would not be posting today but I manage to write this up quicker than I thought. I have also included today's chat with Blaire, as it was super short. Blaire was on MFC Monday morning. She was making a dress on her sowing machine. Sadly with the events of her latest shows and an early morning hormonal rush I asking her something really, how should I say it, odd, out of place, stupid.

09:32:24 PM neoscream: when u finished the dress can u do something for me
09:33:09 PM neoscream: in private
09:34:33 PM neoscream: that play with u self on/off cam thing i saw u do
09:35:29 PM neoscream: is that ok or too much to ask :s
09:36:35 PM Blaire: neo!
09:36:46 PM neoscream: sorry
09:36:47 PM Blaire: robert... really?
09:36:59 PM neoscream: ok too much
09:37:34 PM neoscream: I've been ifing and umming
09:37:41 PM neoscream: about asking
09:40:46 PM neoscream: um can u?

It had been something that had been going around my mind for awhile after seeing her doing what she did on the other day. Ok, I originally said that it did not turn me on as much as other things, however the more I remember seeing her smile and enjoy herself was doing it the more I was turned on. I love it seeing her smiling and enjoying her self, it make me feel happy. I just wanted to be the one making her happy.

After finishing the dress she tried it on to show off and then she went into a quick Group Show. The dress was a little too big for her but it was designed that that way, maybe because someone else was going to be wearing it. After the show, seemed a bit slow on coming back so I PMed her.

09:49:14 PM neoscream: u coming back?
09:49:38 PM Blaire: im not, im done for the evening
09:49:39 PM Blaire: xoxo
09:49:42 PM Blaire: maybe next time?
09:49:47 PM Blaire: i wasnt doing pvts like that tonight
09:50:00 PM neoscream: k :)
09:50:22 PM neoscream: will u b able to chat on skype
09:50:31 PM Blaire: no ssry
09:50:47 PM neoscream: :(
09:52:02 PM neoscream: when will u b free

I am sure she replied "I don't know" but there was no record of that on MFC. A little while later she logged onto Skype.

[26/04/2010 06:15:22] Robert: hi
[26/04/2010 06:15:37] Blaire: hey
[26/04/2010 06:16:12] Robert: i thought u said u wouldnot be free to talk
[26/04/2010 06:16:26] Blaire: im not really free
[26/04/2010 06:16:41] Robert: still doing hw
[26/04/2010 06:17:08] Blaire: mmhhmm
[26/04/2010 06:18:14] Robert: do u wait me to go in video/call chat so u can talk than type
[26/04/2010 06:19:36] Blaire: no
[26/04/2010 06:19:42] Robert: k
[26/04/2010 06:19:47] Robert: thats ok
[26/04/2010 06:20:47] Robert: when I can talk chat I can't
[26/04/2010 06:20:49] Robert: lol
[26/04/2010 06:21:20] Robert: sorry about the PMs
[26/04/2010 06:21:50] Robert: was that a bit odd
[26/04/2010 06:27:09] Robert: oh the design I was asking about, what kind of info do you need

She never replied, maybe too busy with her home work. On Thursday morning Blaire came on MFC, but sadly it did not last very long. She was very tired from the amount of work and homework she had to do. About five minutes after she stared friend just barged in upset as his girlfriend just told him she has another boyfriend. Blaire, being the kind hearted person she is went off line to help him out saying that she will be back later. Poor guy, that must have been devastating. She never came back, which was understandable with the amount of work she has got and the amount on time she had lost dealing with the problem.

The next post here will be this weeks Heroclix event, but that will be when I have a another post in hand for this blog. Also I should hopefully be posting an update on my M.S. Wars blog some time tomorrow.

29/05/10 - Parts of the post were altered on Blaire's request.