MK HeroClix House Rules

Monday, 12 April 2010

Bad Day on the 8th April

On Thursday I felt like I just had enough! Let me going back to explain things. I had given up on a online facebook game I had been playing called Starfleet Commander (SFC for short) after too mainly attacks from very very very high level players. On Tuesday my friend Rich talked me into going back so I spent some time that and the following morning rebuilding my defences and ships. Also on Tuesday, work told me I had to do openings again. I had mixed thoughts about it. I needed the money, but I would have to get up about an hour or two earlier to still be able to do me Wii Fit as I can only really in the mornings. So I did some maths, say I got up at 5am, 8 hours of standard sleep plus an extra hour to help with late night chats with Blaire, that would mean I would need to go to bed at 8pm. Which would make it difficult going out. However I went over to Rich’s to watch a film and to chat. I slept over so I know I would not be doing any Wii Fit the following morning so I did not need to get up early. I hoped I could try to make it up after work or on my day off on Thursday, but work said I had to come in on Thursday and when I got home my dad was already back home from work so could not do it. With working on Thursday doing opening and going out in the evening. It looked like I would be 19 hour day followed by 5 hours sleep if Blaire is not on. As I had a lot to do as I was not off Thursday, I was not able to get on SFC and also I ended up going to bed until 10pm. At about 1am I quickly checked on MFC to see if it was still in Blaire’s chat room and found that it was not. The web page was not working so I closed it and opened a new one and it worked again. I left it in Blaire’s chat room again and went back to bed. I checked it again at 3:30am and the same thing happen again. I fixed it again and decided to quickly deal with SFC as I never was able to do anything on it since the morning before. And what did I found, all the hard work on rebuilding my ships and defences the other night and most of the resources I had regained after building them had went down the drain as let another player in the top a hundred attacked me again. I went back to bed feeling very pissed off. I ended up lay in bed for half an hour as I could not sleep. I get up and looked for a way to close the account as I did not want my account to be used as a resource farm. This then lead to why I was having problems with MFC, my internet connection was acting on. The router kept disappearing and reappearing on me and when it was up the connection was super slow. I rebooted my router twice and the laptop once and it still was acting up. It took me about two hours to find out I cannot delete the account and to abandon all of my colonies to make it less of a farm. Pissed off with all the internet problems and with SFC, I decided to cool down for a while. After an hour I got washed and dressed and headed down stairs to do some Wii Fit before going to work. As I didn’t weigh myself on Wednesday I weighed myself. It said that I had gained 5lb in the space of four days. I had enough at that point. I felt like it was not helping at all. In the space of four and a half week I had not lost anything. I was eating a bit my healthier than I was before starting doing around half an hour work out a day and still weigh the same. I could not be bowered to do any training after that. I was so angry I throw my Wii controller down to the floor and broke the recharge pack for it. Luckily it looks like it can be repaired and the controller itself is fine. At work I felt too down and tired so I contacted Darren from Heroclix to say I cannot come and he called it off for the day. With a clear mind I decided to cut down on my Wii Fit to something like an hour on days off if I can get on it and I little Wii gaming when I can. I am doing this so I will not have problems with a lack of sleep. I managed to get a good night’s sleep and the next day was much better. I felt revived, while in the soul, still felt sleepy but that is normal for me. Also me new bank card finally turned up with a new pin number which oddly I can remember. Sadly Blaire was not on ever days.