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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

20th March 2010

It is best to try to write about something other than Blaire. I am wanting to test out the game I am designing, Gundam M.S. Wars, but with Rich without his car still, taxis to or from his cosy far to much, work being pains with not allow me to leave my laptop in the office and Simon not living in Milton Keynes any more, it will not be happening anytime soon. At less during the next couple of weeks until Richard gets his car back, unless Rich bikes it to mine.

I really need to get back to watching my shows. They are building up and they were already had a lot before hand. I think it is because stuck with a very long Transformers marathon. Not get me wrong I a big Transformer fan but I have so for seen about twenty episodes back to back with yet another ten at a guess until I can watch something else.

Well Blaire was on yesterday, hippy, and at a good time in the day. I have to take back the panties the other day, as I saw a clit shape lump though her lovely white panties and she did show off her ass too. OMG. WOW. Oh and a hand bra to top it off with a little glance of a bottom of one of a nipple by the look of it. Jaw dropping. Please stay a non nude Blaire. Every time I see or speech to Blaire, life seems to brighten for me. I have put this up on a online file site and gave Blaire a link to in as I cannot sent it in a e-mail to her. She has not seen it the last I check as the download count was still zero last I checked. I will not ask her if she has read it or not. I was so nervous about doing it but it is done and my head fills clear for doing so. But I was thinking of showing it to someone, but I chickening out. I just hope my mum does not get her hands on it and read it. It looks like Blaire has an allergy to nuts as she said yesterday she cannot eat peanuts. I sure I have heard something about peanut in Blaire’s or Suzy’s room before have. Lastly I am sure the quality of the camera she was using was better. But this could easy be that it was day time then night.

I have been back on Wii Fit for almost two weeks now. I have been aiming to do half an hour each day but can never do Saturday at all. I’ll continual tomorrow.