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Monday, 5 April 2010

13th March 2010 log and PM's with Blaire

Blaire was on in chat in the morning, hippy again, but sadly still not in video as she was using the Mac side of her computer for home work and the cam software was on the windows side of the computer. We talked a lot longer this time and the topic at times was a little X rated, but only a little. Sadly I won’t be able to do this when Blaire is in her cam chat room, as she talks then types and there will be random other people. But I need to find a way to record audio from websites.

10:23:15 PM neoscream: hi
10:23:24 PM neoscream: how r u today
10:23:57 PM Blaire: hii
10:24:03 PM Blaire: good just watching suzy
10:24:04 PM Blaire: you?
10:24:28 PM neoscream: I'm fine
10:24:54 PM neoscream: I listing to her too
10:26:07 PM neoscream: I guess you was not well enough to be on last night
10:26:49 PM neoscream: u miss the school girl uniform yesterday
10:28:09 PM Blaire: aww
10:28:16 PM Blaire: yeah no i was super exhausted
10:28:42 PM neoscream: poor u :(
10:28:57 PM neoscream: u going to be on
10:29:30 PM Blaire: not tonight
10:29:34 PM Blaire: tomorrow night #~e,1,)~#
10:29:46 PM neoscream: what time
10:30:04 PM Blaire: around 7pm my time i thinkkk
10:30:42 PM neoscream: so 3 am for me
10:30:54 PM Blaire: oh mannn
10:30:56 PM Blaire: hahahah
10:32:23 PM neoscream: if I'm not going out tonight I'll be going to bed early
10:32:56 PM neoscream: if not it will be even more unless sleep
10:33:57 PM Blaire: should i ban you so you can get sleep?
10:34:08 PM neoscream: no :(
10:34:26 PM neoscream: pls don't
10:34:50 PM neoscream: I haven't seen you in week
10:35:03 PM Blaire: ookok i wont!
10:35:06 PM Blaire: just... go to sleep
10:35:09 PM Blaire: and get up early!
10:35:14 PM Blaire: to see me#~e,1,)~#
10:35:28 PM neoscream: k
10:36:24 PM neoscream: oh and were is that pic??
10:36:27 PM neoscream: lol
10:36:31 PM Blaire: hahahahha
10:39:21 PM neoscream: oh I remember the other day you said you have four piercings when they are allin
10:40:28 PM Blaire: yes?
10:40:49 PM neoscream: where does the fourth go, one is each ear (unless one ear is pierced twice) and one in the lip
10:42:01 PM Blaire: bellybutton
10:42:53 PM neoscream: ok! it just seemed too nice and smooth
10:43:24 PM Blaire: awww
10:43:26 PM Blaire: thanks #~e,1,)~#
10:43:32 PM Blaire: yeah i dont have a ring in it anymore
10:43:34 PM Blaire: i didnt like it
10:43:40 PM neoscream: but web cams can be a pain with small details
10:43:40 PM Blaire: but theres a hole still
10:44:39 PM neoscream: will u be replacing it or are u going to leave it smooth
10:44:47 PM Blaire: leave it
10:44:57 PM neoscream: good #~e,1,)~#
10:45:25 PM Blaire: lol
10:45:40 PM neoscream: to tell the truth i'm not a fan oh piercings
10:45:47 PM Blaire: mm yeah
10:45:51 PM Blaire: i just like my lip
10:45:59 PM Blaire: i usually dont even put them in my ears
10:46:20 PM neoscream: I can live with it
10:46:34 PM neoscream: I'm fine with ears
10:48:20 PM neoscream: what will be the plan for tomorrow tonight then
10:48:51 PM neoscream: or is that too far ahead
10:49:53 PM Blaire: so far
10:49:58 PM Blaire: i have about 5 songs to play
10:50:02 PM Blaire: 1 song to sing
10:50:09 PM Blaire: and one sexy story to read
10:50:15 PM neoscream: sing
10:50:18 PM neoscream: cool
10:50:29 PM neoscream: sexy story wow
10:50:35 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
10:50:40 PM Blaire: im gona read one
10:50:43 PM Blaire: any requests?
10:50:47 PM neoscream: what is it
10:50:52 PM Blaire: porn
10:50:54 PM Blaire: kinda

Forgot to ask if it is Suzy ‘s level sexy porn or not, as suzy classed the novel version of Fight Club as that.

10:51:32 PM neoscream: 8.
10:51:52 PM neoscream: lol
10:52:13 PM Blaire: hahahahahhaha
10:52:19 PM Blaire: you like that idea or no??
10:52:38 PM neoscream: I would need a sound record
10:52:40 PM neoscream: lol
10:54:33 PM neoscream: with the whole story telling what r u planing on wearing
10:55:33 PM Blaire: hmm
10:55:38 PM Blaire: havent decided yet...
10:56:00 PM Blaire: a bustier and a black garter
10:56:04 PM Blaire: ;)
10:56:46 PM neoscream: :.
10:57:12 PM neoscream: does not seem u
10:57:32 PM Blaire: hahahaha
10:57:37 PM Blaire: well i do own one..
10:58:10 PM neoscream: but I would have to see to truly know
10:58:15 PM neoscream: lol
10:58:36 PM neoscream: may be a change for the story
10:58:37 PM neoscream: lol
10:58:57 PM Blaire: lol
10:59:04 PM Blaire: tomorrow you will see
10:59:40 PM neoscream: but I want to see u in anything now
10:59:52 PM Blaire: #~e,1,)~#
11:00:11 PM neoscream: but I going to have to wait till tomorrow :(
11:00:43 PM Blaire: no crying in baseball!

The sad smiley on the chat site cries

11:00:52 PM neoscream: bugger that is if the internet is working at home
11:01:31 PM neoscream: ok suzy is busy today
11:01:48 PM Blaire: yeah she is!
11:03:23 PM neoscream: oh any way what r u where now
11:03:56 PM Blaire: what??
11:04:01 PM Blaire: was that a sentence??
11:04:18 PM neoscream: sorry big type-o
11:04:35 PM neoscream: what r u wearing now
11:04:44 PM Blaire: lol
11:04:46 PM Blaire: a dress
11:04:48 PM Blaire: and stockings
11:04:49 PM Blaire: red ones
11:04:56 PM Blaire: lacy with flowers
11:05:07 PM neoscream: wow
11:05:56 PM neoscream: oh it is true u r high at the mo
11:05:56 PM neoscream: lol

People on Suzy’s chat room were saying she was high and she with playing a long with in

11:06:37 PM Blaire: yes
11:06:40 PM Blaire: i smoke a lot
11:06:41 PM Blaire: lol
11:06:47 PM Blaire: just never on cam
11:07:21 PM neoscream: so u too high to be on cam now right
11:07:23 PM neoscream: lol
11:07:25 PM Blaire: no
11:07:30 PM Blaire: i was just teasin
11:07:32 PM Blaire: im doing hw
11:07:41 PM Blaire: on my macintosh side
11:07:43 PM neoscream: lol
11:07:45 PM Blaire: so if i wanted to work
11:08:05 PM Blaire: i would have to switch to windows
11:08:07 PM Blaire: and not do hw
11:08:29 PM neoscream: oh ok
11:08:58 PM neoscream: so no more me and suzy right
11:09:16 PM Blaire: ?
11:09:22 PM Blaire: no im on my mac side right now
11:09:30 PM Blaire: but the program to actually work
11:09:45 PM Blaire: only functions on windows
11:10:48 PM neoscream: yes but changing would mean u be leaving here
11:11:34 PM neoscream: she's in group again
11:11:37 PM neoscream: lol
11:11:39 PM Blaire: oh yeah
11:11:41 PM Blaire: for a minute
11:11:43 PM Blaire: then id be on cam
11:11:44 PM Blaire: but
11:11:49 PM Blaire: i dont feel like it
11:11:51 PM Blaire: <---- br="" lazy="">11:11:56 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
11:12:29 PM neoscream: for a mo pls
11:13:43 PM neoscream: might be a idea not to looking at suzy's room

People in Suzy’s room started to bug Blaire to come cam.

11:14:04 PM neoscream: u would be mobbed
11:14:28 PM neoscream: /group rap
11:14:48 PM Blaire: lol
11:14:53 PM Blaire: it feels a bit like that..
11:14:55 PM Blaire: hahah
11:15:38 PM neoscream: how is the hw going
11:15:57 PM neoscream: safty, she is back
11:16:28 PM neoscream: but for how long
11:16:30 PM neoscream: lol
11:17:38 PM Blaire: working out mannn
11:17:43 PM Blaire: shes intense!
11:17:43 PM Blaire: lol
11:19:02 PM neoscream: I've be doing a lot of working out on my wii this week
11:19:40 PM neoscream: sadly I might not be able to do any today
11:19:42 PM Blaire: niiice
11:19:44 PM Blaire: why not?
11:20:15 PM neoscream: I'm at a friend's
11:21:09 PM Blaire: oic
11:21:21 PM neoscream: I do have the wii a board with me, but I don't want to be using it when he is sleeping
11:22:16 PM neoscream: and i won't be able to use it when I get home after work
11:23:50 PM neoscream: oh that reminds me, I need to get a mat to go with the wii board
11:24:34 PM neoscream: it was slipping yesterday
11:25:38 PM neoscream: never had that before
11:26:16 PM Blaire: lol
11:26:21 PM Blaire: yoga mat is the way to go
11:27:54 PM neoscream: oh I thought of a good forfeit if u and suzy play games again
11:28:13 PM neoscream: should be ok for free cam
11:28:32 PM neoscream: if u keep clothes on for it
11:28:48 PM Blaire: hmm?
11:28:50 PM Blaire: what is it?
11:29:02 PM neoscream: loser gives the winner a lap dance
11:29:09 PM Blaire: haha
11:29:10 PM Blaire: nice
11:29:14 PM Blaire: we did that already ;)
11:29:38 PM neoscream: but in group as fun
11:29:40 PM neoscream: lol
11:29:47 PM Blaire: lol true..
11:33:10 PM neoscream: how is the hw going
11:34:33 PM Blaire: :(
11:34:46 PM neoscream: badly
11:35:26 PM neoscream: r u wating too much suzy then
11:35:38 PM Blaire: lol yes!
11:35:42 PM Blaire: you caught me!
11:36:51 PM neoscream: take ur hand out of ur panties and get it work on hw
11:36:58 PM neoscream: oh and wash it
11:37:00 PM neoscream: lol
11:38:27 PM Blaire: hahAHAHA
11:39:02 PM neoscream: and no I don't know how to hack a cam
11:39:04 PM neoscream: lol
11:39:47 PM neoscream: but I wish I did
11:39:50 PM neoscream: lol
11:41:09 PM Blaire: hahahaha
11:42:43 PM neoscream: did u get my reply on suzy's page

See Suzy’s Room Part 1

11:42:52 PM neoscream: lol
11:43:54 PM Blaire: lol es
11:43:55 PM Blaire: yes
11:44:02 PM Blaire: i think its funny
11:44:08 PM Blaire: shes reading this stuff out of a book
11:44:17 PM Blaire: and thinks its all you need
11:44:25 PM Blaire: ive studied nutrition for a very long time

See Suzy’s Room Part 2 for a little more help

11:44:30 PM Blaire: and the way she eats...
11:44:38 PM Blaire: its no wonder she says she cant lose wieght!@
11:44:41 PM Blaire: even though
11:44:45 PM Blaire: i dont think she needs to
11:44:52 PM Blaire: plus her lifestyle
11:44:58 PM Blaire: and sleep patterns
11:45:38 PM neoscream: the only weight she has in in the upper body
11:46:06 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
11:46:15 PM Blaire: well i guess she doesnt like her tummy?
11:47:07 PM neoscream: lol she is a vampire
11:47:15 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
11:47:19 PM Blaire: i used to be like her too
11:47:28 PM Blaire: its part of being a freshman in college lol
11:48:56 PM neoscream: ok here a part from my dairy
11:48:59 PM neoscream: I find Suzy funny, intelligent and nice person to talk to, but I personal don’t found attractive as I don’t like big breasts and she seems too skinny and pale.
11:49:11 PM Blaire: too skinny??
11:49:16 PM neoscream: If I have to describe her in five words, I would said she is a “Horny, Vegan, Heath Freak, Nerd.”
11:49:30 PM Blaire: lol and me?
11:49:32 PM neoscream: she seems it
11:49:50 PM neoscream: may be its the skin
11:50:00 PM Blaire: well no she is thin
11:50:06 PM Blaire: but shes not that much thinner than i am
11:50:11 PM Blaire: shes shorter though
11:50:13 PM Blaire: for sure
11:50:45 PM neoscream: but u body is the right shape
11:50:49 PM Blaire: awww
11:50:51 PM Blaire: oh i see
11:50:54 PM Blaire: yeah i have hips
11:50:56 PM Blaire: which she dont have
11:52:44 PM neoscream: I best stop talk or Suzy might kill me
11:52:45 PM neoscream: lol
11:53:44 PM neoscream: I'll leave the chat window open if I need to ask u anything
11:53:44 PM Blaire: haha shes sexy in her own right
11:53:49 PM Blaire: were just different
11:53:53 PM Blaire: some guys like her more
11:53:56 PM Blaire: and others like me more
11:54:00 PM Blaire: its not a competition #~e,1,)~#
11:54:26 PM neoscream: I understand
11:58:18 PM neoscream: I've seen girls that don't turn me on but i understand why other people r turn on by them
11:58:58 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
11:59:35 PM neoscream: like suzy and her big tracks of land
11:59:36 PM neoscream: lol
12:00:23 AM Blaire: LOL
12:00:31 AM neoscream: I don't like big breast i prefer small ones like urs
12:01:02 AM neoscream: but I do know there is lots of people who like them big
12:02:12 AM Blaire: lol
12:02:59 AM neoscream: oh b or a cup
12:03:19 AM Blaire: a
12:03:24 AM Blaire: thats mine #~e,1,)~#
12:04:19 AM neoscream: oh what is the bulldozer #~e,1,)~#
12:04:25 AM Blaire: lol
12:04:26 AM Blaire: hmm
12:04:28 AM Blaire: guess ;)
12:04:59 AM neoscream: play toy :D
12:05:29 AM Blaire: yes!
12:06:18 AM neoscream: can i see it tomorror night
12:06:31 AM neoscream: ok not in use
12:06:59 AM Blaire: lol
12:07:00 AM neoscream: ur not that kind of model and I like that
12:07:00 AM Blaire: well no
12:07:05 AM Blaire: its actually
12:07:07 AM Blaire: a bong
12:07:13 AM Blaire: for my weed!
12:07:15 AM Blaire: hahahahahahha
12:07:19 AM Blaire: that kind of toy ;)
12:07:29 AM neoscream: oh
12:07:57 AM neoscream: so not a sex toy
12:08:00 AM neoscream: lol
12:08:05 AM neoscream: sorry
12:08:05 AM Blaire: nope lol
12:10:11 AM neoscream: do u have any lol
12:12:32 AM neoscream: oh had to mute suzy and make the chat screen bigger as my friend is up
12:12:52 AM neoscream: lucky he isn't reading this
12:13:44 AM Blaire: lol why?
12:14:38 AM neoscream: u know
12:14:52 AM neoscream: oh but do u have any
12:15:17 AM Blaire: ohh yes
12:15:19 AM Blaire: a couple
12:22:15 AM neoscream: ok
12:24:03 AM neoscream: sorry had go to the toilet and then start to talk to my friend about the safe way to use a laptop
12:25:30 AM neoscream: and he just made me a coffee
12:31:32 AM neoscream:
12:32:03 AM Blaire: ahhh i want coffee
12:32:24 AM neoscream: come to the uk then

Blaire logged out and then back in

12:33:57 AM neoscream: what happened
12:34:16 AM Blaire: had to restart my router
12:34:53 AM neoscream: I hope mine is working for tomorrow
12:35:49 AM Blaire: porn storiesss
12:36:02 AM neoscream: got home from work yesterday (in the morning for u) and it wasn't work at all
12:36:20 AM Blaire: oh noo
12:37:00 AM neoscream: I'm hoping it will fix it self or I'll be doomed :(
12:37:08 AM Blaire: ohhh nooooooo
12:37:14 AM Blaire: get it fixed!
12:37:15 AM Blaire: lol
12:37:53 AM neoscream: if I'm not then can u record it for me
12:38:09 AM Blaire: lol
12:38:18 AM Blaire: i dont have the equipment to do that..
12:38:19 AM Blaire: ??
12:38:48 AM neoscream: how saucily will the stories be
12:39:15 AM Blaire: hmmm
12:39:18 AM Blaire: depends...
12:39:25 AM Blaire: on how im feeling tomorrow///
12:39:41 AM neoscream: u have a web cam u, might just need software and space on the hard drive
12:39:50 AM Blaire: yeah
12:39:54 AM neoscream: #~e,1,)~#
12:39:56 AM Blaire: prob
12:41:24 AM neoscream: the router or the line had been acting all week but not as bad as yesterday (today morning for u)
12:53:40 AM neoscream: hows the home work going now
12:54:51 AM Blaire: uggh still
12:55:22 AM neoscream: oh and when r u going to show some of ur swim suit modelling pic
12:55:49 AM Blaire: lol
12:55:51 AM Blaire: idk!
12:55:54 AM Blaire: when i take them
12:55:58 AM neoscream: lol
12:55:59 AM Blaire: over spring break maybe?
12:56:00 AM neoscream: ok
12:56:10 AM neoscream: when is that
12:56:35 AM Blaire: in a week
12:57:07 AM neoscream: k, don't do anything too wild
12:57:09 AM neoscream: lol
12:57:36 AM Blaire: hahahah
12:57:38 AM Blaire: oh
12:57:41 AM Blaire: oh i will ;)
12:58:08 AM neoscream: I head stories on students going over the top wild at that time
12:58:19 AM neoscream: will u be on more?
12:58:36 AM neoscream: or be away having too much fun
12:58:41 AM Blaire: idk yet
12:58:43 AM Blaire: hopefully more
12:58:48 AM Blaire: schools been stressful
12:59:08 AM neoscream: when u have turned up
12:59:54 AM neoscream: made anything very nice
01:00:05 AM Blaire: hmmm?
01:00:58 AM neoscream: I love the green jacket u made, and the grey skirt to go with the grey jacket u brought was nice too
01:01:45 AM neoscream: it goes so well with the jacket
01:02:03 AM neoscream: like they were made togather
01:02:17 AM Blaire: lol
01:02:21 AM Blaire: they were
01:02:24 AM Blaire: i made them both
01:02:32 AM Blaire: and thank you #~e,1,)~#
01:02:56 AM neoscream: own I thought you said you brought the jacket
01:03:01 AM neoscream: sorry
01:03:12 AM neoscream: shows how good it was
01:03:40 AM Blaire: awww thanks!
01:03:44 AM Blaire: hey
01:03:51 AM Blaire: i gotta go pick up my drunk roommate
01:03:57 AM Blaire: have a good night!
01:03:59 AM Blaire: get some sleep1
01:04:02 AM Blaire: !!!
01:04:18 AM neoscream: cu
01:04:23 AM neoscream: bye
01:04:46 AM neoscream: hopr my router is work
01:04:57 AM Blaire: #~e,1,)~#
01:04:59 AM Blaire: me too!
01:05:00 AM neoscream: bye dream girl
01:05:02 AM neoscream: lol
01:05:08 AM neoscream: had to say it

11:40:28 PM Blaire: cigarettes make your cum taste awful
11:41:12 PM neoscream: hippy that means my cum does not taste awful

11:42:55 PM Blaire: if you ever want to know how to lose weight...
11:43:00 PM Blaire: ill teach you
11:43:36 PM neoscream: ok blaire

Suzy Voice on Cam (rough guess of what she said): I hope Blaire is getting on with her Homework. Busy cut and sewing clothes.
11:51:03 PM Blaire: im watching you beautifull
11:51:15 PM Blaire: nope illustrator hw
11:51:20 PM Blaire: and photoshop
11:51:23 PM Blaire: thats why im not on cam
11:51:28 PM Blaire: need my MAC side
11:51:55 PM neoscream: and she is talk to me to sorry

That was a long morning, lol. The whole bulldozer thing was that on her profile is say that what she likes to do for fun was, designing, baking, ride her bike, play with the bulldozer and go on adventures. And the only thing other than that she owned a bulldozer, I can think of was a large dildo. Oh and a reminded the times are PT not GMT. So add eight hour to get GMT.
Had to finish work early as my stomach was acting up meaning I did not go out with my mates. Last night the internet was not work and its very slow and unstable to begin with but it is slowly getting better. About an hour later, it takes about half a minute to load a page. But after writing that it has sped up. I hope and pray that it will be ok tomorrow morning for when Blaire is on. I know the problem is to do with the router or the phone line and not the computer as I could get access to the internet with the laptop at Rich’s.
I hate Disney XD, why can’t they show Iron Man: The Armour Adventures in full. There is still two episodes left and they restarting again. And with Power Rangers: RPM they keep on missing episodes in the main story line which is a major nightmare.
I sent a reply to the e-mail from Suzy but I still haven’t got a reply.

5th April update - Disney XD still have not shown the last two episodes of Iron Man: The Armour Adventures and Suzy never replied.