MK HeroClix House Rules

Friday, 9 April 2010

Mii Army

At the time I am making this post I have 51 Miis. Below is a list of the Miis I have. They are group in their favourite colour.

Black: Ninja M (downloaded), Ninja W (downloaded), Robo Cop (downloaded), V (downloaded), Venom (downloaded), Batman (downloaded), BK (a Mii I downloaded that has a burger for its head), Daz (friend), Ichigo (from bleach), Michal J (Michael Jackson, Downloaded) and Alan (my dad).

White: Ming (one of my mum's cats in human from), Owl Head (downloaded), Rukia (from Bleach), Suzaku (from Code Geass) and Lady (one of my mum's cats in human from).

Brown: Bandit (one of my mum's cats in human from), LG3 (downloaded), LG4 (downloaded), Tax (downloaded) and Lady.

Purple: Blaire, Hinata (from Naruto: Shippuden), Lelouch (from Code Geass), Shinji (from Evangelion) and The Joker (downloaded).

Pink: Cole (friend), LG2 (downloaded), LittleGirl (downloaded), Miss Piggy (downloaded) and Venus Elf (downloaded).

Green: Mr Burns (from The Simpsons, Downloaded), Robert (me Mii), Rock Lee (from Naruto), Snake (Downloaded), Elf (Downloaded, I thing he his meant to be Link from Zelda, not in Picutes), Guy Might (from Naruto) and Kakashi (from Naruto, unmask as I cannot make masks).

Blue: Sasuke (from Naruto).

Lime Green: C.C. (From Code Geass, sadly the is no option for green hair so I gave her blonde hair but green as her colour), Luigi (from Mario) and Phil (friend from Heroclix, which reminds me I still need to do Darren from Heroclix too).

Orange: Naruto (from Naruto) and Suzy (SuzySmartz).

Red: Richy (friend), Simon (friend), Spide (Spiderman, downloaded), Barb (my mum), Jake (friend), Mario (guess who), Mini B (downloaded) and Rich (friend).

I taken pictures of them with my camera as I cannot take screen shot the Wii. The first set of photos I mucked up as I skipped a line of Miis, so I had to do it again. The new photos are still on the camera. There are some more Miis I still need to make or get off Cole or Jake before we do another get together on my Wii, must like mid May, however they could use the other Miis if I do not have them done in time. These are: Darren from Heroclix, Sakura from Naruto, Kallen from Code Geass, Lisa (Daz’s girlfriend), Lucy (Simon’s girlfriend), Vicky (Rich’s girlfriend), Jenny and Jake’s bother.