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Monday, 5 April 2010

PM's with Blaire on 12th March 2010

Blaire was online. Hippy! But sadly not in video chat. We spook a lot on PMs and MFC crashed on us about two or three time. Thinking about it I will post the chat he so I can keep it on my computer. Please note the time is PT time and not GMT.

07:59:33 AM neoscream: hi
07:59:37 AM neoscream: how r u
08:01:58 AM Blaire: hello!
08:02:01 AM Blaire: im good #~e,1,)~#
08:02:07 AM Blaire: howre you??
08:02:10 AM Blaire: wrk today?
neoscream: no it my day off
Blaire: Lucky
Blaire: It was u who sent me a link of drawing on face book right

08:04:23 AM neoscream: yes
08:04:41 AM Blaire: i liked the little monster in the album with the funny teefs (this might have been the old look Hyniks, I have included the image)
08:04:46 AM Blaire: i forgot to tell you
08:04:58 AM neoscream: that is ok
08:05:31 AM neoscream: u got school today?
08:05:48 AM neoscream: or work?
08:06:31 AM Blaire: i have class right now
08:06:35 AM Blaire: but im not goin
08:06:49 AM neoscream: how comes
08:06:58 AM neoscream: still not well?
08:07:20 AM neoscream: or have u not done the homework
08:11:30 AM Blaire:
08:13:22 AM Blaire: im not feeling well
08:13:24 AM Blaire: for class
08:13:49 AM neoscream: will u be on then
08:14:25 AM Blaire: on cam?
08:14:26 AM Blaire: no
08:14:27 AM Blaire: hahahha
08:14:33 AM Blaire: i just woke up i look like a monster!
08:14:38 AM Blaire: like the one in your sketch!
08:15:07 AM neoscream: I bet u still look fantast
08:15:38 AM neoscream: later today?
08:15:48 AM Blaire: probably in the evening #~e,1,)~#
08:15:54 AM Blaire: aww thx #~e,1,)~#
08:16:15 AM neoscream: take a pic and sent it to me
08:17:15 AM neoscream: I bet u still look like the dream girl u always look like
08:18:09 AM Blaire: awwwwwww
08:19:20 AM neoscream: and talking about dream girl, I best send u a write-up of a dream I had last night
08:20:08 AM neoscream: I was telling Suzy it but she then had to go and I just mailed it to her
08:29:00 AM neoscream: ok looks like MFC crashed
08:29:10 AM Blaire: mmhhmm
08:29:14 AM Blaire: im back on finally
08:29:36 AM neoscream: I've send a copy 2 u on MFC mail
08:29:44 AM neoscream: if it worked
08:30:26 AM Blaire: hahahahahhaha
08:30:27 AM neoscream: pls note is real life I'm not a hacker and that it was only a dearm
08:30:34 AM Blaire: no worries
08:30:37 AM Blaire: so funny!!
08:30:44 AM Blaire: was i pretty in your dream #~e,2,;)~#
08:30:47 AM Blaire: jk
08:30:56 AM Blaire: thats a very funny dream though #~e,1,)~#
08:31:07 AM neoscream: two last night
08:31:11 AM neoscream: thanks
08:32:28 AM Blaire: hmm for some reason
08:32:31 AM Blaire: you were not my friend!
08:32:34 AM Blaire: i just added you
08:32:46 AM Blaire: <3 br="">08:32:54 AM neoscream: the site crashing first made me thought me internet was crapping up again
08:32:57 AM neoscream: thanks
08:33:41 AM neoscream: u r in mine
08:33:41 AM neoscream: and 5 star rating as well
08:34:04 AM Blaire: awwwww muchas gracias #~e,1,)~#
08:34:17 AM neoscream: sadly I can only vote once :(
08:35:20 AM Blaire: hahah well im grateful #~e,1,)~#
08:36:07 AM neoscream: wow a black penguin
08:36:32 AM neoscream: will this led to a new bread of penguin
08:38:38 AM neoscream: looks like they have crashed agsin
08:38:58 AM neoscream: lol
08:40:43 AM Blaire: mmhhmm
08:41:55 AM neoscream: how for the fashion designs and clothe making going?
08:43:10 AM Blaire: its going
08:43:13 AM Blaire: going slow
08:43:31 AM neoscream: looks like this never posted - still waiting for a warm water one from Neon Genesis Evangelion
08:44:43 AM Blaire: what!
08:44:48 AM Blaire: does that even mean?!??!?!?!
08:44:50 AM Blaire: hahahahahahahha
08:44:53 AM neoscream: what about the modelling
08:45:05 AM Blaire: warm water what?
08:45:20 AM neoscream: penguin
08:45:44 AM Blaire: ooo
08:45:53 AM Blaire: warm water penguin #~e,1,)~#
08:46:35 AM neoscream: Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime show and they had a new bread know as the warm water penguin
08:46:46 AM neoscream: was made a a lab
08:47:59 AM Blaire: ohhh
08:48:00 AM Blaire: but
08:48:05 AM Blaire: there are warm water penguin!
08:48:24 AM neoscream: oh ok
08:49:04 AM neoscream: they just say one of these new warm water penguin
08:49:32 AM neoscream: and that it was rescued from a lab
08:50:22 AM neoscream:
08:52:31 AM Blaire: haha!!!
08:53:01 AM neoscream: I'm a anime fan
08:53:50 AM neoscream: oh this one is funny
08:57:48 AM Blaire: lol
08:57:55 AM Blaire: thats funny you like anime!
08:58:05 AM Blaire: youre in the uk right?
08:58:11 AM Blaire: i never wouldve guessedd
08:58:11 AM neoscream: yes
08:58:26 AM Blaire: that you liked anime
08:58:36 AM Blaire: (wellif you hadnt shown me your drawings)
08:59:25 AM neoscream: the pic next to my name is a Gundam
08:59:39 AM neoscream: in video chat
08:59:54 AM Blaire: whats a gundam
09:00:56 AM neoscream: easier to point u to a wiki page
09:02:11 AM neoscream: the gundam in the pic is Gundam 00 from Gundam 00
09:02:35 AM Blaire: ohhh ic ic
09:03:35 AM neoscream:
09:04:28 AM Blaire: over my head
09:04:44 AM neoscream: lol
09:04:50 AM neoscream: that ok
09:06:51 AM neoscream: odd question what r u up to right now other then talking to me
09:07:37 AM Blaire: hw
09:07:42 AM Blaire: like always
09:07:59 AM neoscream: school work
09:08:14 AM neoscream: or looking for suzy
09:08:16 AM neoscream: lol
09:09:15 AM Blaire: is she on???
09:09:16 AM Blaire: ahahhaha
09:09:17 AM Blaire: jk
09:09:36 AM neoscream: she was on in the morning
09:09:50 AM neoscream: for u
09:10:37 AM Blaire: ohh yeah
09:10:40 AM Blaire: she stays up late
09:11:19 AM neoscream: but she had a long group followed by a private strait away
09:11:42 AM neoscream: then she left with out saying bye
09:14:37 AM Blaire: awwww
09:18:57 AM neoscream: I best get going in a min
09:19:23 AM Blaire: mmk <3 br="">09:19:27 AM Blaire: have a good day!
09:19:38 AM neoscream: don't forget that photo
09:19:42 AM Blaire: mmk #~e,1,)~#
09:19:46 AM neoscream: same to u
09:20:15 AM neoscream: massage me if u can't make it
09:20:36 AM Blaire: lolk
09:20:37 AM neoscream: on tonight
09:21:50 AM neoscream: i should read the massage I'm writing before posting more often
09:23:03 AM neoscream: oh what time will u b on
Blaire logged out.

Sadly a part was missing, this might be because of the site was acting up. Parts in bold and with out dates are what I think was missing. Sadly Blaire was not on later like she was hoping to be and she don’t send a message saying, but she might of missed that part of the chart. Oh and she is missing Suzy who was on in the morning in a school girl uniform. LOL.