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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 22nd March

Blaire was a little later than she re-planned it on Sunday night/Monday morning. She was wearing lovely clothes as always and showing off lots bear legged action. Unless Blaire does not like it I will be including a screen shot or two of every time she is on here for memory. I will try to keep them clean. So sadly no panty shots. The panties were nice as they go with the top, but I do miss the white ones from the other day. I hope do did not upset Blaire. I asked her one of the questions I forgot to ask and then stopped replying. Something could of just happened, I she could not reply, sounds like the Blaire I know. But I am worried that I some have unset her.

[06:20:15] Robert : lol bad lag at the end
[06:20:52] Blaire : im sorry!
[06:20:57] Blaire : i need to work on my show
[06:21:03] Blaire : ive been so busy and tired lately
[06:21:09] Blaire : havent had time... but im so bored!
[06:21:16] Blaire : i bet its more boring when im bored you know
[06:21:17] Blaire : ?
[06:21:21] Robert : no internet lag
[06:21:49] Robert : no
[06:22:06] Robert : can never get bored looking at u
[06:22:54] Robert : free house now
[06:22:56] Robert : lol
[06:23:02] Blaire : :D
[06:23:03] Blaire : awww
[06:24:35] Robert : let me know when u r done need to ask/check some thing with u
[06:24:46] Blaire : ask check now?
[06:24:59] Robert : r u sure
[06:25:10] Blaire : yes!
[06:25:15] Blaire : i was just not having a good night
[06:25:18] Blaire : so i logged off
[06:25:20] Robert : u do need to do ur hw
[06:27:06] Robert : I was going to check with Suzy as she was saying that she known all of them and I did felt too shy to ask you but I don't any more.
[06:28:00] Robert : I wanted to see how many of the woman’s special spots (do not know if I’ve got the term right) I know and to learn what I do not know.
[06:29:07] Robert : is that ok?
[06:30:37] Robert : I better ever u are laughting or shocked
[06:32:50] Robert : oh Suzys is on thats why u r not replying
[06:32:53] Robert : LOL
[06:33:19] Robert : oh ur not is the room
[06:40:47] Robert : is every thing ok????
[06:50:39] Robert : ok u r ever doing what I sujected or fallen a sleep or hinding

Blaire Logs off

[06:53:08] Robert : I leave the computer on and try to sleep will wait, if u don't want to talk about it just say.
[07:03:11] Robert : sorry did I upset u by asking that question :( , I really sorry if I did :(

Skype has marked these as received

[12:06:55] Robert : Good luck with the clothes, I bet u be a winning ;)

She later came on just after doing the main part of my Wii Fit training that day. She might have been on longer than that but my laptop was off because I ran out of battery power. We spoke in text but I could hear her. I realised afterwards

[16:26:26] Blaire : thanks rob!
[16:26:30] Blaire : can i call you rob?
[16:26:35] Blaire : lol ;P
[16:26:37] Blaire : :P
[16:26:38] Robert : sure
[16:26:48] Blaire : well... what do you want me to call you?

I video called her

[16:27:08] *** Call to Blaire, duration 08:46. ***

[16:27:50] Blaire : im still making jacket
[16:27:52] Blaire : :/
[16:27:53] Robert : how r u today
[16:27:55] Robert : oh
[16:28:04] Robert : how long left
[16:28:24] Robert : flat mate?
[16:28:34] Blaire : yes
[16:28:36] Blaire : my roomate
[16:28:42] Blaire : he goes to fashion school too LOL
[16:28:50] Blaire : not too much
[16:28:52] Blaire : left
[16:29:32] Robert : so people class he as guy if he isn't
[16:29:36] Blaire : howre you today ??
[16:29:42] Robert : fine
[16:29:43] Blaire : gay??
[16:29:54] Blaire : people think hes gay all day yes hahahahhahahahah
[16:30:11] Robert : just finished training on wii fit
[16:30:18] Robert : yes
[16:30:25] Robert : sorry
[16:30:28] Blaire : fun!
[16:30:30] Blaire : sorry?
[16:31:19] Robert : sorry did I upset u yesterday or did something came up
[16:31:32] Blaire : nono you didnt
[16:31:36] Blaire : i was just working hard
[16:32:04] Robert : I'll check with you later
[16:32:22] Robert : now is not the time
[16:32:34] Blaire : hahahaha
[16:32:47] Blaire : check with me on what?
[16:32:54] Robert : does he now what u do

Missed the k out

[16:33:05] Blaire : yes
[16:33:17] Blaire : he thinks its funny
[16:33:22] Robert : what I was going to ask and chech yesterday

Blaire showed off her Doggy

[16:33:53] Robert : hi doggy
[16:34:09] Blaire : ask me
[16:34:59] Robert : what wanted to check how many of the woman's specail spots I know
[16:35:14] Robert : if that is the right term
[16:35:26] Robert : yep
[16:35:28] Blaire : hahahahahaha
[16:35:30] Blaire : ok yes
[16:35:39] Blaire : we will discuss later
[16:35:44] Robert : k
[16:35:48] Blaire : i have to go to school now
[16:35:52] Blaire : have a good day :D
[16:35:57] Robert : good luck

[16:35:59] *** Call ended ***

[16:36:04] Robert : xxx
[16:36:04] Blaire : thanks!
[16:36:40] Robert : I send u a update dairy later

I am glad that it was her school work which took her away then me scaring her away. I sent a updated copy of the dairy to Blaire on Monday night and it looks like she received it.