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Monday, 19 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 15th and 16th April guest staring Suzy

On Thursday morning Blaire was on line. She was at Suzy's doing a show together. Sadly I could not say on till the end as I had to go to work. During the show Blaire had been responding to me, but when I was living I had not reply to any of my messages. She never said bye.

12:45:45 AM neoscream: sadly I need to go in a mo
12:45:56 AM neoscream: have work
12:46:28 AM neoscream: don't forgot the PM
12:46:51 AM neoscream: have a nice night with suzy ;)
12:47:16 AM neoscream: tell me all the details lol
12:47:49 AM neoscream: cu next time
12:48:02 AM neoscream: oh say bye to suzy too
12:49:24 AM neoscream: (a smiley waving by)
12:50:05 AM neoscream: :(

I posted the sad smiley as I left it had been about four minutes and eight post and she never replied. She might of missed all of them posts. The PM I sent her said to look at Skype, as I sent the message earlier hoping to quickly chat to her about it. The Skype message was:

can u desgin something for me, not make, just drawing?

But she never looked the Skype message, it still had not been looked at it let even now as I post this. On Thursday night/Friday morning, she logged onto MFC quick to give me a message.

05:19:58 PM Blaire: !!! i got them!
05:20:07 PM Blaire: thank you so much
05:20:08 PM Blaire: ok
05:20:13 PM Blaire: i just signed on to say that
05:20:16 PM Blaire: bye!

She was on and off the site so quickly there was no time to reply to her sadly. If you are wondering what she got. It was the socks I sent her at the beginning of the week. Later I PM her back:

07:38:12 AM neoscream: thanks for letting me know
07:38:36 AM neoscream: can't wait to see u wearing them
07:39:23 AM neoscream: as you didn't go to Skype I'll send it here
07:40:27 AM neoscream: can u design something for me, not make, just drawing?
07:51:54 AM neoscream: I'm needing a military uniform design for the game I'm making.

Still no reply as she had not been on MFC or Skype since. Oh and if you are reading this Suzy. If you do not want that picture to be on here just let me know and I will change it.

Well the next post will be what I watched last week. They will not be any Wii Fit or Heroclix posts for last week as I did not have any time for Wii Fit and Heroclix was did not happen as half of our players could not come. I will hopefully be posting an update on M.S. Wars later today.