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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wii Fit on the 5th to 11th April

I have decided to try out the 20 minute jog on Monday and Tuesday as I was getting use to the 10 minute one and I did not have the time on those days to mess about with multiple workouts. Monday was ok, however Tuesday was a little too much as my muscles began to lock up. It is a sham that there is not a 15 minute jog on Wii Fit to help build you up to the 20 minute one. I was not able to do any Wii Fit on Wednesday as I slept over at a meets. Due to the change of the hours of work, I cannot do Wii Fit every day now. I am not giving up on it as a whole as I will try to do an hour on days off (that is if work will give me my days off) and a bit of Wii game play after work if I can. I was not able to do any on my day off on Sunday as I was very busy dealing with my room and if I was not busy doing it I would of been stuck working that day with no day off that week. The averages have been changed to days that I have trained instead of every day.