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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 31st March

Sadly Blaire never appeared the whole of Wednesday day time. She is a busy girl. But she did came on line in the middle of the night. I was over the mood until…..

[03:11:13] Robert : hi
[03:11:25] Blaire : hey
[03:11:56] Robert : how r u today
[03:14:00] Blaire : im good tired
[03:14:06] Blaire : had a very fun night :)
[03:14:08] Blaire : howre you?
[03:14:40] Robert : I've been found

[03:14:50] Blaire : ???
[03:14:53] Blaire : ohh foir mfc
[03:14:57] Robert : fine
[03:15:05] Blaire : what ur mom say
[03:15:05] Robert : sorry
[03:15:11] Blaire : ohhhhhh
[03:15:17] Blaire : nvm
[03:15:36] Robert : have not said anything let
[03:16:08] Robert : but have an idea about it

The idea was to tell my mum that Blaire is a girl I meet on an online chat room who I have a crush on. Which is not a lie, I am just not going to say that it is an Adult site.
[03:17:11] Robert : what did to do last night then
[03:17:39] Blaire : went out with an old friend :)
[03:18:27] Robert : party the night away?
[03:18:53] Blaire : no it was... romantic kinda

And this is where the happiness ended. She been on a date, when I thought she was not looking.

[03:19:01] Robert : oh
[03:19:25] Robert : how was it
[03:20:03] Blaire : :)
[03:20:51] Robert : will u be seeing them again?
[03:21:08] Blaire : i hope so :)
[03:22:16] Robert : good for u
[03:23:00] Robert : did u get up to much

Stupid question to ask for the way I was feeling. It was more or less asking her, did she have sex. Like I said, stupid question for me to ask the way I was feeling.
[03:24:54] Blaire : ?
[03:24:57] Blaire : up too much?

Great, she did not understand.

[03:25:37] Robert : sorry don't worry
[03:26:03] Robert : any planns for tonight
[03:28:13] Blaire : no
[03:28:18] Blaire : just a nice night in
[03:28:21] Blaire : i was going to work
[03:28:22] Blaire : but i cant
[03:28:28] Blaire : cause im staying at a friends house
[03:29:03] Robert : the one u went at with
[03:29:29] Robert : the one u went out with
[03:29:34] Robert : sorry
[03:32:08] Blaire : no
[03:32:10] Blaire : i wish..

So it looks like the answer to the earlier question which she did not understand was no.

[03:32:17] Robert : k
[03:32:42] Blaire : lol k
[03:32:52] Blaire : u jealous?
[03:32:57] Blaire : lol jkjk
[03:33:03] Blaire : :*
[03:33:16] Robert : super jealous

More heart broken.

[03:33:29] Robert : I do feel like crying
[03:33:44] Robert : thats if I could
[03:33:48] Robert : sorry
[03:38:23] Robert : sorry, the fact is head over heel for u

That should have been “sorry, the fact is I have fallen head over heel for u”.
[03:38:48] Robert : I know it is stupid
[03:38:49] Blaire : you cant cry?
[03:39:13] Robert : I don't know why
[03:39:30] Blaire : how odd..
[03:39:51] Robert : eyes alway oh waterly but never tears
[03:40:00] Blaire : hmm
[03:40:13] Blaire : a girl i used to know couldnt cry
[03:40:18] Blaire : she had artificial tears
[03:40:31] Robert : no matter how much I went to cry
[03:41:21] Robert : I to cry a lot were I just younger
[03:41:39] Robert : might have cried too much

Where I was young I was always pick on and I cried and cried. I might have cried too much where I cannot cry any more.

[03:41:50] Blaire : now youre all dried up
[03:42:13] Robert : yes
[03:42:38] Robert : and when i want to cry a river :(
[03:46:43] Blaire : you have none :(
[03:46:53] Blaire : do you take medications?
[03:47:52] Robert : he must be the luckiest guy in the universe
[03:47:55] Robert : no
[03:48:21] Robert : an inhaler at time
[03:49:37] Robert : I just feel too unlucky :(
[03:51:58] Robert : I just want to cry so much
[03:52:01] Robert : :(
[03:53:57] Robert : I don't hate u or him

I would hate him if he hurt Blaire in any way.
[03:54:32] Robert : I just hate live, alway doing this to me :(
[03:56:17] Robert : sorry
[03:59:07] Blaire : :'(
[03:59:12] Blaire : dont be sad love
[04:00:23] Robert : i knowv it is stupid but i am sad
[04:00:46] Robert : sorry about that
[04:00:58] Blaire : dont worry :)
[04:01:02] Blaire : im not getting married!
[04:01:10] Robert : thanks
[04:01:34] Robert : :)
[04:01:51] Blaire : ....
[04:01:54] Blaire : yet
[04:01:54] Blaire : ;)
[04:01:57] Blaire : jkjkjk
[04:02:06] Robert : :)
[04:03:47] Robert : its just after what u said about ur ex, i thought u was not looking at the mo for a boyfriend
[04:03:59] Blaire : im not
[04:04:04] Blaire : i still dont want one
[04:04:14] Blaire : but we had a good connection
[04:04:18] Blaire : so i hope we go out again soon
[04:04:25] Blaire : but he lives far from me
[04:04:27] Blaire : 3 hours
[04:04:40] Robert : k
[04:04:55] Robert : and live

That should have been “and I live”
[04:05:06] Robert : one mo
Looked up the distance from Milton Keynes to Los Angeles.
[04:06:33] Robert : 5411 miles away from u :(
[04:06:47] Blaire : lol
[04:06:54] Blaire : hthat is far
[04:07:50] Robert : and I just want to make u happy
[04:08:01] Blaire : :D
[04:08:10] Robert : in all ways

Romantically, sexually and in life as a whole.
[04:08:12] Blaire : dont worry you do!
[04:08:14] Blaire : lol
[04:10:12] Robert : its just not being expianced alway makes me worried I cant
[04:10:36] Blaire : you shouldnt worry
[04:10:40] Blaire : with the right persona
[04:10:47] Blaire : and the right chemistry
[04:10:53] Blaire : youll learn :)
[04:11:04] Robert : thanks
[04:12:50] Robert : with what u said about ur ex I thought I would wait until ur were readly
[04:13:23] Blaire : ?
[04:13:26] Blaire : what for what?
[04:14:15] Robert : Romancing u
[04:14:28] Blaire : hahahahaha
[04:14:34] Blaire : awww
[04:14:51] Robert : sorry
[04:15:02] Blaire : dont be sorry ;)
[04:15:25] Robert : I know I fallen too badly for u
[04:15:42] Blaire : i am used to it happening like that..
[04:15:49] Blaire : dont worry xoxo
[04:16:13] Robert : u know now way it is hard to tell my mum

Why not way.
[04:16:35] Blaire : hmm yes that would be an interesting conversation..
[04:16:59] Robert : in love with a striper
[04:17:11] Robert : lol
[04:18:08] Blaire : hahahahahhhahaha
[04:18:13] Blaire : i am sorry...
[04:21:03] Robert : before hearing about u spliting with ur ex I thought the reason u didn't have a boyfriend was that u were youg and didn't want a relasionship
[04:21:29] Blaire : thats true too
[04:21:32] Blaire : or more just that
[04:21:35] Blaire : im not looking
[04:21:37] Robert : i hate not having a spell checker on this
[04:21:39] Blaire : for a bf
[04:22:36] Robert : well I wasright on that
[04:22:47] Blaire : im gona take a nap<3 br="">

I did not realised she logged off at this point. LOL. That the Blaire I know, her only major problem. Not give people time to say bye back to her.
[04:23:15] Robert : hang on i've been right on most thing I've thought about u
I was right about her parents.
[04:23:23] Robert : k :(
[04:23:36] Robert : will u be around later

Now I realised she had logged off.
[04:23:55] Robert : :(
[04:24:51] Robert : I'll be around

I went back to bed with computer still run. Resting helped me feel a bit better. Then as I got my computer decided to rebooted to install some updates.
[07:19:46] Robert : sorry computer reboot I'm still around, I'm feel a bit better
Several Minutes later she logged in and received the missed message.

[07:24:38] Robert : hi
She then logged off.

[07:25:22] Robert : :(

The login and logoff thing might have been a very simple thing and not her avoiding me. She might have put her computer on standby or hibernate mode with our Skype chat screen open when she organically left and she must of have turned on her computer at night to look at something, but too busy to reply or noticed the message saying Hi or the other messages.

My original thoughts after hearing about the ex, that my best tactic was to wait until she was ready, but keep my options open. However the waiting part might have been a problem as I would not know when is the right time to make a move and if I manage to find so one else Blaire would be a wonderful source of information. Well she has been a great source of information already. Now after the whole date thing, I just do not know what to do. I really want her, but other then moving to Los Angeles which I do not have the money to do, I have no clue what to do. Well after thinking about it and talking to people about it to, I should just be happy with want I have. A friendship with a cute, pretty, sexy, caring, sweet, hard working, talented young woman with angelic voiced. And do not let it rule my life which I will try to do. Ok I still have the hots for her big time and would really love for her to be my girlfriend, but I know be her friend would be better than nothing. And my caring for her will not stop.

The alarm sound I have set up on Skype to go off when a contact logs in is a real nightmare when it is someone other than Blaire login on. I think I have fell for an April fouls joke from Suzy. Sadly she never appeared the whole of Thursday thro to Sunday. She is most likely busy with work and move around. I have a feeling she was not around on Friday as she said she was headed back to Los Angeles on that day.

I just wanted to say that Blaire is cute, pretty, sexy, caring, sweet, hard working, talented and has angelic voiced.

I have been thinks of costs of token and my money problems and decided when my new card finally turns up to try to limit myself to 50 to 75 tokens a show depending on how often Blaire is online. Also on Saturday I finally talked to my mum about Blaire and a part from a little chat about money and a couple of other things, she was fine with Blaire and was very understanding about her.