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Monday, 5 April 2010

17th March 2010

WOW. Too busy on Sunday with Blaire and Mother’s day to write to write and there is too much to write in just one day. OK, I did state that I would not be writing a log every day but I wanted to write about Blaire in general and her being on during Sunday morning.

First thing first, I have finally found a word describe Blaire other than WOW, Stunning. I realised it after seeing her on Sunday. I’ve found myself being stunned by her beauty, her perfection, her adorable/sexy voice her fab sweet smile and her loveable personality.

Her smile, maybe small but it is massive expression. Her long think brown hair, her love eye brawls and her dreamy yes are what makes face look so wonderful. Her sweet voice has a kind and cute tone to it, but she can make it very, very hot which she proved on Sunday when is read the poem “Wanta Fuck” and the of one she read. When she read it the sweet and innocent girl disappeared and sex apple multiplied a hundred fold. The poem was not written by her and I hope the part saying “I don’t wanta be romanced” does not apply to her. And I personally prefer to term “Making Love” than “Fuck”/”Fucking”, but I do like it when Blaire says fuck in her sexy tone of voice. Also with just the words “I need to fuck your rising cock” from the other poem easy makes mine rise. Her a cup breasts are a perfect size, big enough to play with and suck and to show cleavage at a right angle, but not large as I am turned off by large breast. I normally feel like throwing up with big breast (d cup and larger) then turned on like most men and especially being a anima fan too. I hope she stays a non nude as she would lose a lot of magic and innocents if she shows all her body. OK, after all I have seen and heard there is not much left to imagine. I have seen her whole body in just underwear. I have seen her nipples and areola (the coloured area around the nipple though white t-shirts when she was not wearing a bra. Her areola seems large while her nipples seem to be about average size. They do not seem to be puffy but I cannot be sure on that. I sure I have seen the edge of her areola poking out of her bra on Saturday as I could see a hint of colour by the edge of the bra, reddish colour. I know from talking to her in chat room, the she has had laser hair removal treatment on at these her privet area but I am also guessing her legs as well. This sound costly. Also, I could of miss heard, that she left a small area unlasered for a “landing strip” if she wanted to let it grow. But like I said, I might of miss heard. The only thing I still have not seen or know any hints of her under regions. Panties seem flat, no camel toes, not dents not ever a ass crack. The only time I have seen her wear a see though pair of panties is when she wear a white pair underneath and the only time she wear a thong to my knowledge on cam she angled her ass so no one could see it. Sneaky. Her long neck and shoulder are so very kissable. She is a fashion student and what I have seen of her work looks fantastic. Ok I am no expert in fashion as I get told purple ties or ties with purple in them do not go with black shirts. Also when I was about 13/14 I started wearing shirt and as I try and did not like wearing jean several years ago, I wear the shirts with jogging bottoms and I keep on being told by my mate Jogging bottom and shirts don’t go together. So I had to force myself to try to wear jeans again and I’m fine with them now. I just do not like faded blue jeans.

Sunday morning, Blaire was on cam. She was working on cutting out the patterns for a shirt she was making for her school work. However, she never finish cut the patterns out. She was such a super turn on to with the sex poems and showing off her body. When she asked about if there was any sex poems or stories we wanted her to real, I was wanting to ask her to tell us about a real life story from her own experience, but I could never pick up the courage to ask her. Should I try to ask her in a PM chat next time, or maybe not. She was wearing a black see though nightly, a black bra (I think it might be a sports bra but I am no expert), a black thong, a dark green cardigan, a yellow scarf with green and red dots or pattern on it and a black leather jacket as she was cold. Below is the quick PM chat we had when she left. She do not stay on cam long enough after say bye for anyone to say bye back.

11:36:49 PM neoscream: cu
11:37:16 PM neoscream: wow goooooooooooood show
11:39:33 PM neoscream: now it is wii time for me
11:39:46 PM neoscream: will miss u :(
11:40:54 PM Blaire: yes
11:40:56 PM Blaire: have fun!
11:41:00 PM Blaire: dont work out too hard

I ended up doing 50 minutes on Wii Fit, but was several hours later then strait away.

11:41:02 PM Blaire: ;)
11:41:09 PM neoscream: cu
11:41:20 PM neoscream: bye
11:41:32 PM neoscream: oh when r u on next
11:41:38 PM Blaire: idk lol
11:41:41 PM Blaire: soon i hope..
11:42:14 PM neoscream: pm me when u know
11:42:40 PM Blaire: mmk
11:43:21 PM neoscream: have a good night slep
11:43:32 PM neoscream: sleep
11:45:45 PM neoscream: oh and don't forget to morning blaire pic
11:46:10 PM Blaire: lol oh!
11:46:14 PM Blaire: i had forgotten!
11:46:28 PM neoscream: tomorrow then

I still do not have a morning pic of Blaire. (5th April update - but I have seen her morning look in video)

11:46:30 PM neoscream: lol
11:47:03 PM neoscream: oh and let me see the finished shirt too
11:47:20 PM Blaire: ok #~e,1,)~#
11:47:36 PM neoscream: sweet dreams
11:47:59 PM neoscream: :D

Oh and I sent her a copy of the first part of my Bio-Tech Labs stories and she replied:

i started, but its long! i will finish reading after my finals in school are done xoxoblaire

And I replied, later after realising that the first reply never get sent:

Ok my sent box doesn't show a reply but I'm sure I sent one.

OK that's fine. just let me know when u want me to sent u the next part :) .

Can not wait to hear the reply that there is more, that’s if she replies. I will be getting back to write the Bio-Tech Labs stories and the X-Guard prequel when I can as this and Wii Fit is taking up too much time. I have not be watching much too because of this as well. I have a little more I want to write but I’ll leave it another day. Like a ideas for introductions Blaire to Anime, about Wii Fit and changes to what I thing about Suzy after the Second PM chat with Blaire. It might ever talk about another model too. Bugger I just realised I thought to add “xxx” to the bottom of my reply. Darn it. If Blaire is not on tomorrow morning I will make another log in a couple of days. Oh and MFC is technically not a porn site, it is just an adult web cam site. So all those beggars that find people like Blaire and Suzy weird for not getting nude with the thought “Oh why are you on site if you don’t get nude” can go and find another site as its adult chat rooms and not porn ones. But I do reckon that MFC might better off splitting the non nude models from the nude models like they have done with the Asian models so that people know that they will not see anything, which will cut down the beggars.