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Monday, 5 April 2010

18th March 2010

I’m really missing Blaire, I just feeling too down. It has been almost four and a half day since she we talked. She did long in yesterday (not into the char room), but I must of noticed and sad hi too late. I have gotten around to drawing, inking and colouring using the computer a picture of Blaire. Ok maybe I should of used a darker brown and a redder skin and lip colour. I looked it up and found that its five thousand four hundred and eleven point seventeen long miles between Milton Keynes and Los Angeles where Blaire lives. I also been looking at her wish list on Amazon. Its mostly clothing and a couple of gadgets. This list will be useful when I learn when her birthday is, which I have to ask when we chat in PMs next. I will not ask her in her chat room just in case she does not want everybody to know as some people did ask but she did not reply. Depending on money, I do have an idea on what I want to get her, the Black and White Chiffon Ruffle Dress by PacificPlex (5th April update - no longer available). But if I do not, I may have to go with the cute little pink or black socks or the Chadwicks Tweed Corsage Cardigan, as panties or bras are a little too embarrassing and might send a signal of “sex, sex, sex.” But then again the socks might seem a little cheep and heart less. Oh and the Amazon nickname BlaireBear is so right, hold close while kissing her. Mmmmmmmmmm. I need to remember that. “Good night Blaire Bear, Sweet dreams” sound so right. Also the name on the shipping address is Blaire Bennett. Suzy said that Blaire is not her real name. Now then is Bennett a fake surname for shipping or did Suzy lie as a double bluff. Using you real name as a fake name could be a cunning idea, members would think she is using a fake name and it would be easier being about people that already know your real name as they will not say the wrong name by mistake on cam. However I did, look up Blaire Bennett on Facebook but the only one I could fine is a Groomer from Garden Grove which is in California, the same state Blaire is from, but the Blaire I know is a Student with a part time job as a swim suit model (if she ever turns up for a photo shot. LOL) and not a Groomer. This brings up a point I been finding, what is it with American girls and dogs. All of the ones I have meet on line have at least one dog, different sizes, but still at least one dog. This just feels a little odd. But anyway the on Facebook does not seem to be the Blaire I know.
Well that is it for today. Still Waiting for Blaire Bear. I did not get around to write some of the thing I wanted or talk about any of the thing I was plan. At least next week should be spring break there and Blaire should hopefully be on a lot more as there is no school for her. I best go to bed, Blaire is down to be usually on Thursday night, so Friday morning for me. So fingers cross for it.