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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wii Fit on the 29th March to 4th April

On Monday I thought I would not get time to do any training in the morning as Blaire was on. But I managed to get a little when she was away in Private Shows. I am managed to get some time to do more after work as my dad was not early. I did the ten minute jog and manage to do 3772 meters in the time.

After talking to Blaire on Monday night, I will cut down the weight tests. I will normally do it on Wednesdays and Sundays only and do my waist as well on those days and aim to do them between 8am and 9am.

I am planning to do the 10 minute Jog every day now as it burns 87kcal in that space of time. Because of this I have add a column for the distance jogged.

On Wednesday and Saturday I was not able to do any training, as my dad his hogging the TV down stairs, so I need to do a heavy push on Sunday to make up for two missed days.

I manage to do some training on Thursday. Sadly it was 3pm I did it instead of my normal 8/9am and I had to do it all together without taking a break like it states to do for every 10 minutes of training. I worked up a good sweat and felt good too. I also lost another two centimetres in my waist.

On Friday I decided to change my training a bit. 10 minute Jog first, then the 10 minute Super Advance Rhythm Boxing (13 minute in truth) and then a mix of other things to make up at least half an hour.

On Sunday I lost a whopping 3lb but gained a cm in my waist. The waist might have been from bad measuring. I am finding the 10 minute Super Advance Rhythm Boxing is a very good workout. It leave me out of breath and sweating a lot what is a good thing for a workout. According to Wii Fit it is not as good as the 10 minute jog but does feel a lot better. Also I unlock both the Advanced and the Island Course in Cycling, but only try the Advanced Course so far and it was fun.

I think I might know what was going with the weight this week. Most of the week I was hardly going to the loo until Saturday. Also like I said earlier, Thursday’s was done later then I hope due to access to the downstairs TV. Now looking at the way things have been going on the other weeks and the fact the 10 minute jog is becoming easier and easier as the days went by, I think the fat I have been burning off had be turning into leg muscles. But the sad fact that Sunday is Easter I might be putting some of the weight I have been burning off back on.