MK HeroClix House Rules

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A change of style

From this point onward the old dairy system changed to a weekly one. The weekly one was slit up into sections. This how I am going to post these sections:

Blaire: I will try to split this section up, into days.
Wii Fit: Will not have the picture I originally had in it as I need to make the tables pictures for it.
Mii Army: This well be a one shot post.
Watch: Will remain one post a week however I will replace the show details with a link to ever a wiki page for TV shows or the MAL page for Anime and Manga or official website podcasts. Also will be renamed.
Heroclix: This will be weekly unless it doesn’t happen.
Computers: This will be a one or two shot updated post.
M.S. Wars: This will get its own blog which will talk more about the rules. I will be starting this blog after this one is up to date.
Outing: This will be event based than weekly
Other Chats: This will most likely not be added to the blog.

Hope you all enjoy.