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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 23rd to 26th March

Blaire was briefly on MFC on Tuesday just to let everybody know that she is heading home on Wednesday. Looks like her Skype is not working as it shower her as online while she was on MFC, but the message I sent earlier and the one I sent after she left was never received. Maybe thinking about it, it might be that the symbol means not looked at then received. Roll eyes. Well she did get some hot lingerie that day too. Sadly she was not wearing them. Cannot blame her as it is see-thro, but still I would love to see her in it. Luckily not long after writing this she must of check it, lol, and replying while her status stated that she was offline, lol.

[23/03/2010 07:48:03] Robert : how did u do? ur ever failed and drowning ur sorrows or passed well and celebrating. hope it is the latter
[03:20:27] Robert : what move will u b watching
[03:25:48] Robert : ok skype showed that u were on, but u received now of the messages (2). How a nice trip home, and hopefully spech to u soon :) . I best go back to sleep.
[03:44:44] Blaire : (heart symbol)
[03:44:47] Blaire : good night!
[03:45:03] Robert : night
[03:49:20] Robert : I'll be up in two or three hours time, if u around
[03:49:28] Blaire : maybe
[03:49:31] Blaire : we will see
[03:49:35] Blaire : get good sleep!
[03:49:42] Robert : k :)
[05:57:59] Robert : I'm up when ever u r free
[06:11:59] Robert : ok, bad grammer, I'm up now, we can talkwhen ever u r free :)
[08:55:29] Robert : As it is about 2am then it is best to say, sweet dreams and have a good and safe trip home.

I got up two hours later, after dreaming about her and sent her a message saying that I am up and free to talk. But she never turned up and she has not turned up the whole of Wednesday. C'est la Vie. The problem is this Thursday while be a busy day for me as I have to work it while normally it my day off. What does not help is the fact that one of the staff turned round and said that they cannot work it the day before. On Thursday night Blaire appeared on MFC but not on camera for a moment, however she was not on Skype!

04:09:44 PM neoscream: hi
04:09:56 PM neoscream: how was the trip

I began to worry here.
04:20:43 PM neoscream: have I done anything to up-set u???
She then logged out and I really started to thing she was avoiding me for some reason. But then she logged in, logged out and logged back in again. It looked like she was having a problem with MFC.

04:30:37 PM neoscream: r u ok???
04:31:13 PM Blaire: my car broke down
04:31:15 PM Blaire: :(
04:31:20 PM Blaire: cost 600 dollars :(
04:31:26 PM neoscream: oh
04:31:42 PM neoscream: oh no :(
04:32:01 PM neoscream: u ok?
04:32:05 PM Blaire: kinda
04:32:09 PM Blaire: just stressed
04:32:12 PM Blaire: howre you?
04:32:14 PM neoscream: :(
04:32:35 PM neoscream: was worried
04:32:45 PM neoscream: now sad
04:32:51 PM neoscream: for u
04:32:52 PM Blaire: awwww
04:32:53 PM Blaire: for me?
04:32:56 PM Blaire: thanks love (heart symbol)
04:33:16 PM neoscream: u manage to get home then?
04:34:37 PM Blaire: yeah but bareley
04:34:42 PM Blaire: barely
04:34:43 PM Blaire: *
04:34:47 PM Blaire: LOl
04:34:57 PM Blaire: my mechanic got mad at me for driving it to him!
04:35:20 PM neoscream: what was wrong with it
04:35:31 PM Blaire: brb
04:35:35 PM neoscream: k
04:35:56 PM neoscream: I'm on skype too

I post this for when she was back, but she replied strait away.
04:36:13 PM Blaire: mmk maybe i go on in a lil bit
She never came on that night.
04:36:33 PM neoscream: try to get some money
04:36:40 PM Blaire: im gona tomorrow

More nights with bad sleep.
04:36:42 PM Blaire: but
04:36:46 PM Blaire: ill be ok
04:36:49 PM Blaire: i have another job too
04:36:52 PM Blaire: not just mfc ;)
04:36:54 PM Blaire: (heart symbol)
04:36:59 PM Blaire: talk later love
04:37:00 PM Blaire: bye
04:37:06 PM neoscream: k bye
04:37:11 PM neoscream: xxx

I sent her a message on Skype asking her what is the Job. I am hoping it is a normal job then some like MFC or worst. Do not know if BK is classed as worst or not. LOL. MFC is ok. Let me clear up what I meant by bad sleep. On nights that Blaire might or is meant to be on MFC I leave my laptop on and opened, with her video chat room open as an alarm. However with the laptop on I wake up around about every 30 to 60 minutes and I decided to double check, just in case she is on but without sound or contacted me on Skype or PM. I have self sent up a alarm of Skype to go off every time a contact logs in but it never has gone off whenever one of my other contacts login, so I known for some odd reason it does not work.
Will it looks like I will get to see Blaire’s real home. That I saw before was the apartment she had been living at as a student. I felt sad and sorry for her when I heard about her car. It must have been a nightmare for her. When I was writing the song “Candy” by Will Smith started to play and it was so fitting on how I fitting on how I felt about Blaire Bear. I did planning and still did have a early night on Thursday after dinner as I know Blaire will be on MFC, but I thought I send her a message to her to call me on Skype thinking she be on late in the evening or night. But she message my while I was eating dinner and we started chatting.

[17:56:47] Robert : Hi :) , if you are free to have a chat, video call me on Skype to wake me up. Don't worry about waking me up as I do what to talk to you :) . I in fact planning to go to bed early as I know of the time difference. How to see you on Skype or MFC soon. xxx
[18:18:09] Blaire : xoxo
[18:22:00] Robert : hi
[18:22:10] Blaire : howre you??
[18:22:16] Robert : fine and u
[18:22:41] Blaire : im good playing with puppies :)
[18:22:57] Robert : lol cool
[18:23:06] Blaire : you just wake up?
[18:23:30] Robert : No not gone let
[18:23:45] Robert : but don't worry about that
[18:24:29] Robert : I was thinks u would not get it till later
[18:24:44] Blaire : ohhh
[18:24:49] Blaire : icic
[18:24:54] Blaire : nope im here now!
[18:25:03] Blaire : ill be on mfc later this evening :)
[18:25:22] Robert : what is the new job u got
[18:25:33] Blaire : been busy visiting my family i miss them a lot
[18:25:36] Blaire : ?
[18:25:40] Blaire : new job?
[18:25:48] Robert : yes
[18:26:06] Blaire : no new job
[18:26:11] Blaire : i have another job

I stupidly forgot her modelling job until just then, but I never know about the rest
[18:26:20] Robert : modeling
[18:26:29] Robert : swim suit
[18:26:39] Robert : I thought
[18:26:47] Robert : forgot
[18:26:51] Robert : said
[18:26:58] Blaire : ohhh
[18:26:59] Blaire : yes
[18:27:00] Blaire : ok
[18:27:04] Blaire : i have several jobs!
[18:27:05] Blaire : hahahah
[18:27:13] Blaire : i model sometimes for fuel tv
[18:27:35] Blaire : (bathingsuits and active wear like for snowboarding and surfing)
[18:27:45] Blaire : and then im also a journalist
[18:27:50] Blaire : i work for a non profit
[18:28:01] Blaire : and write articles and grants and edit videos
[18:28:12] Blaire : i work with our overseas partners to make connections
[18:28:27] Blaire : and bring video and editing stuff to students who do not usually have access
[18:28:36] Blaire : so that they can make videos and journal articles
[18:28:57] Blaire : about their community "heroes" who help their communities or environment
[18:28:59] Blaire : yeah :)
[18:29:20] Blaire : i also work with them to bring art to inner city schools who do not have a lot of money
[18:29:32] Robert : wow, busy busy busy
[18:29:38] Blaire : mmhhmm
[18:29:44] Blaire : thats why i dont always have time for mfc :(
[18:29:51] Blaire : ohhh
[18:29:55] Blaire : i also work for a company
[18:29:56] Robert : a wounder girl
[18:30:03] Blaire : who makes clothes for urban outfitters
[18:30:07] Blaire : and vintage clothes
[18:30:12] Blaire : but i dont get paid (its an internship
[18:30:18] Blaire : i only get school credit
[18:30:35] Blaire : lol i try to be wonder girl
[18:30:46] Blaire : but it doesnt always work in my favor.. :(
[18:31:36] Robert : that is why a girl like u don't have a boyfriend
[18:31:45] Robert : ur too busy
[18:32:25] Robert : to find one
[18:32:48] Blaire :
[18:32:53] Blaire : hahahahahahahahaha
[18:32:58] Blaire : i used to have a boyfriend
[18:33:00] Blaire : for two years
[18:33:11] Blaire : but i had to leave
[18:33:19] Blaire : so i could focus on my career
[18:33:30] Blaire : and he lives far from me now cause i moved for school
[18:33:57] Robert : sorry to hear
[18:34:05] Blaire : its ok!
[18:34:06] Blaire : hahah
[18:34:09] Blaire : i left him
[18:34:11] Blaire : it was hard
[18:34:13] Blaire : but had to happen
[18:34:32] Blaire : and im not lonely ;)
[18:34:37] Blaire : well not too lonely anyway...
[18:34:41] Blaire : ok ok im a little lonely
[18:35:17] Robert : if u ever lonely I'm always here to talk to
[18:36:27] Blaire : :)
[18:36:36] Blaire : thank you i like talking with you :)
[18:38:03] Robert : think u :)
[18:38:55] Robert : oh u say u were going on holiday soon
[18:40:16] Blaire : i AM on holiday!

I stupidly thought that she was going home and then on holiday. But in fact the going home was the holiday.

[18:40:17] Blaire : lol
[18:40:19] Robert : lol
[18:40:23] Robert : sorry
[18:40:25] Blaire : i just went home to visit my family :)
[18:40:30] Blaire : that was my holiday
[18:40:37] Robert : lol
[18:40:43] Robert : sorry
[18:41:21] Blaire : why sorry?
[18:41:24] Robert : what did went wrong with the car
[18:41:31] Blaire : oh umm
[18:41:39] Blaire : the water pump valve broke?
[18:41:45] Blaire : and something about when my car starts
[18:41:51] Blaire : it had been making a funny noise
[18:41:56] Blaire : and a funny smell
[18:42:32] Blaire : so he had to fix that too.. called the valve cover gasket?
[18:42:40] Blaire : that cost 150
[18:42:45] Blaire : and the water thing cost
[18:42:50] Blaire : 250
[18:42:51] Blaire : :(
[18:42:53] Robert : funny noise always leds to nightmares with cars
[18:42:59] Blaire : exactly...
[18:43:01] Blaire : hahahah
[18:43:15] Blaire : my mechanic got mad at me for driving it from LA to san diego
[18:43:27] Blaire : he said its nice im loyal to him
[18:43:37] Blaire : but that i almost didnt make it all the way down!
[18:43:45] Blaire : or that he was surprised that i made it
[18:44:31] Robert : one of my mates who does all the drive is with out his car due to funny noise

I also comment on poor Rich’s car.
[18:45:15] Robert : oh
[18:46:03] Robert : well if u know a good mechanic u like sticking with them
[18:46:24] Blaire : yupyup
[18:46:39] Blaire : theres so many bad ones
[18:46:46] Blaire : that rip you off
[18:46:48] Blaire : oh well
[18:46:52] Blaire : i like mine :)
[18:47:06] Robert : I have heard
[18:47:30] Robert : good
[18:49:02] Robert : oh will u be able to talk tonight on MFC or will it be all text
[18:49:12] Blaire : ill be able to talk
[18:49:18] Blaire : not like suzy ;)
[18:49:25] Robert : lol
[18:49:30] Robert : yep
[18:49:39] Blaire : yeah my mom has two houses
[18:49:46] Robert : but she can now
[18:49:49] Blaire : so she said i can "work" at her other house

OK I was off on seeing her home.
[18:49:50] Blaire : yeah
[18:49:53] Blaire : is she on right now?
[18:50:07] Robert : no
[18:50:18] Blaire : icic
[18:50:31] Blaire : what time is it where you are?
[18:50:56] Robert : her parents know about MFC
[18:51:04] Blaire : yeah
[18:51:05] Robert : 6:10pm
[18:51:11] Blaire : idk if her dad does

Yes Suzy’s Dad does know.

[18:51:13] Blaire : lol
[18:51:14] Blaire : ohhh
[18:51:17] Blaire : early!
[18:51:22] Blaire : you were gona sleep at 6?
[18:51:23] Blaire : nap?
[18:51:39] Robert : more like seven
[18:51:45] Blaire : lol
[18:51:59] Robert : as I know u be on MFC
[18:52:06] Blaire : ohhh
[18:52:12] Blaire : so you wana wake up early!
[18:52:12] Blaire : hahahah
[18:52:42] Robert : or wake up talk and may be go back to bed after
[18:53:00] Blaire : mmm i see
[18:53:01] Blaire : ok
[18:53:02] Blaire : well
[18:53:10] Blaire : im going out to walk the puppies in the park
[18:53:12] Blaire : xoxo
[18:53:13] Robert : what time will u be on
[18:53:17] Blaire : talk later :)
[18:53:18] Blaire : hmm...
[18:53:20] Robert : k
[18:53:24] Blaire : probably 6 or 7
[18:53:27] Blaire : my time
[18:53:32] Robert : k
[18:53:35] Blaire : (Heart Symbol)
[18:53:42] Robert : (Heart Symbol)
[18:53:45] Robert : xxx