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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 24th April

Oh now to this post. Afterwards I have a Wii Chat post talking about things like the two new Wii games I have picked up and my birthday, and also the chat with Blaire from yesterday.

She came on MFC in the morning for a short show, around about 5:30am. She said she was not on Skype as she woke up later and had to leave her apartment as her flat mate had a girl over and she know that they what to have sex. Blaire was sadly mostly in a true private show that day. Around 50 minutes long. Then she finish the true private she did not come back on camera so I PMed her.

10:21:03 PM neoscream: r u coming back?
10:22:52 PM Blaire: not tonight im tired
10:22:58 PM Blaire: im sorry i missed you this morning
10:23:02 PM Blaire: im a bit stressed :(
10:23:15 PM neoscream: what happened
10:23:22 PM Blaire: i said
10:23:23 PM neoscream: to stress u
10:23:23 PM Blaire: you didnt hear?
10:23:26 PM Blaire: ohhh
10:23:27 PM Blaire: stress
10:23:28 PM Blaire: school
10:23:30 PM Blaire: :(
10:23:45 PM neoscream: :(
10:24:18 PM neoscream: did u have a nice private
10:24:36 PM neoscream: oh take a bath
10:25:08 PM neoscream: there should be anti stress bubble bath
10:25:20 PM neoscream: that might help
10:29:02 PM Blaire: ohhh yess... that sounds nice :)
10:30:31 PM neoscream: good to see I cheered to up a bit :)
10:31:03 PM Blaire: :D
10:31:47 PM neoscream: will u be around on Skype tomorrow morning (ur morning)
10:32:12 PM Blaire: prob not i have to be up early
10:32:23 PM neoscream: oh ok
10:32:47 PM neoscream: when will u be fee
10:32:59 PM Blaire: idk :(
10:33:04 PM Blaire: ill skype you wheni know
10:33:05 PM neoscream: k
10:33:12 PM neoscream: k :)
10:33:43 PM neoscream: u haven't been on skype for a long time
10:34:56 PM neoscream: I have a message dated 10 days ago saying it had not been read
10:34:58 PM neoscream: lol
10:38:16 PM Blaire: danng
10:38:19 PM Blaire: yeah ive been so busy!
10:38:30 PM neoscream: lol
10:38:36 PM neoscream: that ok
10:39:23 PM neoscream: as long as I now u have been busy that's fine
10:40:09 PM neoscream: been keeping up to date with the logs or not?
10:40:33 PM Blaire: no :(
10:41:27 PM neoscream: that ok as long as u do get to them later that's fine
10:41:43 PM neoscream: ur a busy girl
10:41:59 PM neoscream: I know that
10:42:06 PM Blaire: thankss
10:42:49 PM neoscream: and if then is a boy thing as well I'm ok with it
10:43:57 PM Blaire: my boy is in jail

Wow I was right, and I was not upset ever.

10:44:13 PM neoscream: not saying I won't feel sad for myself, but I'll be fine
10:44:20 PM neoscream: in jail
10:44:31 PM neoscream: joke?
10:44:42 PM neoscream: what happened
10:47:33 PM Blaire: not a joke
10:47:35 PM Blaire: umm
10:47:42 PM Blaire: he got caught with too much money
10:48:14 PM neoscream: k
10:48:22 PM neoscream: poor u
10:48:41 PM neoscream: no woulder ur stressed out
10:49:19 PM Blaire: hahah yeah its not that big of a deal i guess
10:49:32 PM Blaire: i mean we had just started to talk
10:50:14 PM neoscream: so it was u talk to suzy then
10:50:52 PM neoscream: and it was u not a friend u were talking about the other day
10:50:57 PM neoscream: right?
10:53:04 PM Blaire: ?
10:53:06 PM Blaire: what?
10:54:40 PM neoscream: on the day u were at suzy's u were talking about waiting for a phone call
10:54:56 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
10:55:37 PM neoscream: am I right or wrong on that?
10:55:50 PM Blaire: idk i cant remember
10:56:02 PM neoscream: lol
10:56:21 PM neoscream: may be too much weed lol
10:56:47 PM neoscream: just joking on the weed part
10:56:51 PM Blaire: hahahaha
10:56:56 PM Blaire: very probably ;)

I still had her Chat Room opened, and I just noticed someone had tipped her well she was off camera. Could it be the guy who was in True Private.

10:58:34 PM neoscream: ok, someone tipped u when u were off cam
10:58:39 PM Blaire: mmk im off to do more hw
10:58:44 PM Blaire: bye!
10:58:49 PM neoscream: cu
10:59:13 PM neoscream: have a good night
10:59:19 PM neoscream: cu next time
10:59:36 PM neoscream: bye

After how her privates had been going I would like to know what she got up to in her true private, but I will not ask her as it private. But one thing I need to ask. Do models know if its a true private or not and do they know people are spying on them in normal private or not.
I think I was not as shocked and upset as I was before as I know it could happen now.

Until next time.