MK HeroClix House Rules

Friday, 23 April 2010

Heroclix 22nd April, The Big Bash: Avengers vs. JLA

About a month after the last game the next game finally came around. There was a change of plans. Instead of the original planned game, we play a massive 2,000 points game as it was only me and Darren. Oh best go into team build a little better. It was 2,000 points, no colossal figures, no feats and 10 actions a turn. My team was (in points order): Thor, Sentry, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Namor, Dr. Strange, Hercules, "Power Man and Iron Fist" duo figure, Spider-Man (Iron Spidy), Yellowjacket, Justice, Hawkeye, Spider-Girl, Quicksilver, Tigra and Scarlet Witch. They all had the Avenger keyword while Darren's team did not have the JLA keyword. Bad dice rolls for both of us all night, but the better player (not comic book team) won, which was Darren. Next week should be the game I planned, but things might change if the brothers can not make it.