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Friday, 9 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 28th March

On Saturday night/Sunday Morning Blaire was not on camera, however when I wake up in the morning she was online on MFC. So we chat on PM and sad night on Skype.

[27/03/2010 18:19:35] Robert : Just to let u know I am back from work
[27/03/2010 22:15:35] Robert : great the clocks move forward an hour in the uk tonight :(

Skype messages from me awhile before the chat.
11:45:02 PM neoscream: morning :)
11:45:03 PM neoscream: lol
11:45:22 PM Blaire: hii
11:45:48 PM neoscream: how r u to today
11:47:16 PM Blaire: im good tireed
11:47:47 PM neoscream: how was the other night
11:48:48 PM Blaire: ??
11:48:50 PM Blaire: ohhh
11:48:55 PM Blaire: going to my friends
11:48:57 PM Blaire: it was fun :)
11:49:02 PM Blaire: we smoked a blunt
11:49:05 PM Blaire: or two
11:49:08 PM Blaire: and just hung out
11:49:13 PM neoscream: lol
11:49:48 PM neoscream: ggod u hear u had fun :)
11:50:29 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
11:50:30 PM Blaire: :)
11:50:33 PM Blaire: what have you been up to?
11:51:29 PM neoscream: sleeping and working mainly yesterday
11:53:08 PM neoscream: with my friends car not working and work been pains there isn't much to do
11:53:28 PM neoscream: oh suzy is on now
11:53:30 PM neoscream: lol
11:54:39 PM Blaire: you should get your own car!
11:54:41 PM Blaire: ;)
11:55:55 PM neoscream: I might have a problem driving
11:57:00 PM Blaire: ....
11:57:13 PM neoscream: I will explain later, I need to get the spell of something before I can explain

I was planning to tell about my Dyspraxia on Skype when I found the spelling.
11:58:06 PM neoscream: hopefully next time we r on skype
11:59:05 PM Blaire: spell?
11:59:08 PM Blaire: ohh ok
11:59:09 PM Blaire: ok

I jokingly try to type what I know or guessed on a search engine and after typing dysp a word came up that look right.
12:00:06 AM neoscream: hang on
I ran do stairs with my laptop, closing Suzy’s room first, and showed my mum the word. She cannot spell it ever but she can read it and it was right.
12:02:25 AM neoscream: I have a disability called Dyspraxia
12:03:00 AM neoscream:

This site might be useful, I will bookmark it a check it out myself later.
12:05:59 AM neoscream: I would need to take a special test to see if I can drive a car and if I can I might need some special features in a car
12:07:50 AM neoscream: the test is meant to cost a lot i heard
12:07:58 AM Blaire: ohhhhh
12:08:03 AM Blaire: neural motor
12:09:41 AM neoscream: yep
12:10:15 AM neoscream: slow reaction speed
12:10:38 AM Blaire: yeah maybe you shouldnt drive!
12:10:53 AM neoscream: poor Co-ordination
12:10:59 AM neoscream: yep
12:13:29 AM neoscream: brb
12:17:13 AM neoscream: back
12:18:25 AM neoscream: sorry about that
12:20:02 AM neoscream: it was the mean reason I never learnt to drive
12:20:41 AM Blaire: makes sense
12:23:58 AM neoscream: but with my friends slow moving away in it really becoming a pain
12:28:05 AM Blaire: i bet :(
12:31:56 AM neoscream: been u to much today
12:32:30 AM Blaire: ??
12:34:05 AM neoscream: during the day
12:35:14 AM Blaire: ohhh yeah
12:35:18 AM Blaire: im tireeedd
12:35:21 AM Blaire: super woman!
12:35:33 AM neoscream: work kork work
12:35:36 AM neoscream: lol
12:35:40 AM neoscream: right
12:46:22 AM neoscream: your do ur best :)
12:47:15 AM Blaire: im trying
12:47:17 AM Blaire: lol
12:48:05 AM neoscream: :)
12:48:59 AM neoscream: take it u r back in LA by wednesday
12:49:49 AM Blaire: mmhhmm
12:50:49 AM neoscream: u enjoyed ur holiday home
12:53:31 AM Blaire: mmhhmm :)
12:54:43 AM neoscream: good

I ran out of power on the laptop and had to get the power cable.
12:59:24 AM neoscream: sorry battery dead on me
01:00:10 AM Blaire: !
01:00:31 AM neoscream: laptop died on me
01:00:41 AM neoscream: but I'm back
01:01:04 AM neoscream: will u be around tomorrow
01:01:19 AM neoscream: skype or MFC
01:01:23 AM Blaire: both
01:01:39 AM neoscream: good :D
01:02:23 AM neoscream: my computer should be on all day
01:05:33 AM neoscream: oh did u read the updated dairy? I sent to
01:08:48 AM Blaire: hmm...
01:09:15 AM neoscream: I sent it on monday
01:09:56 AM neoscream: Skype said u downloaded it
01:10:24 AM Blaire: was the last post of me with my ohh
01:10:27 AM Blaire: yea i did then
01:11:31 AM neoscream: do you like the new weekly look
01:12:57 AM Blaire: yes :)
01:13:15 AM neoscream: are the pics ok?
01:14:34 AM Blaire: yeah of course
01:15:39 AM neoscream: thanks, I'll sent you the full week version tonight or tomorrow morning :)

Well it should still be Sunday night for her when I send it

01:16:11 AM Blaire: :)
01:16:43 AM neoscream: can u give me feed back on the Wii Fit training
01:17:06 AM neoscream: when u get it
01:17:11 AM Blaire: yeah!
01:18:18 AM neoscream: thanks :D
01:20:15 AM neoscream: if ur on Skype later I'll do that cheeck you u we were talking about

I want to ask her on Skype to see her reactions on video and I do not fill confinable asking her in video on MFC. May be because other people watching and reading.
01:20:44 AM Blaire: mmk
01:22:22 AM neoscream: u sleepy yet
01:22:40 AM Blaire: very
01:22:44 AM Blaire: winding down...
01:23:12 AM neoscream: how is suzy
01:23:37 AM Blaire: idk
01:23:38 AM Blaire: in pvty
01:23:40 AM Blaire: pvt

She was in Private for about two and a half hours. That shows how good non-nudes can be. Let me think, it is 60 tokens a minute in normal Private and a token is at the lowest $0.08. So that is at least $720. I do not know how much of that goes to the model. However, it could be true Private which is 80 tokens a minute.
01:24:06 AM neoscream: I can't go into her room as I'm downstairs and my mum is about
01:24:09 AM neoscream: oh
01:24:40 AM Blaire: ohh
01:26:05 AM neoscream: this just looks like a chat window so I'm safe chatting with u
01:26:24 AM Blaire: ic ic :)
01:27:23 AM neoscream: does ur mom know about this site
01:27:28 AM neoscream: bet not
01:27:58 AM Blaire: yeah

I was wrong.

01:28:03 AM Blaire: i was showing her around it
01:28:09 AM Blaire: she doesnt understand it really
01:28:16 AM Blaire: and its strange for her
01:28:21 AM Blaire: but shes supportive
01:31:19 AM neoscream: I remember telling a friend about non-nudes on the site
01:32:38 AM neoscream: and they didn't believe me that there are non-nudes on an adult chat site

But maybe they will not think like that after reading the dairy. That’s if they read it.

01:33:42 AM Blaire: LOL
01:33:54 AM Blaire: well... they will just have to meet me and suzy ;)
01:34:05 AM neoscream: they think of u as a porn star :(
01:34:47 AM Blaire: i am a porn star!
01:34:49 AM Blaire: lol jkjk
01:34:53 AM neoscream: send them to suzy LOL
01:35:09 AM Blaire: hahahah
01:35:10 AM neoscream: ur a underwear star

Forgot to type LOL

01:35:14 AM Blaire: shes NOT a porn star!
01:35:44 AM Blaire: skpe

We changed to skype. I do thought she was going to video call me.

[09:36:22] Robert : the suzy part was not a reply to the porn star part
It was a reply to the just have them meet me and Suzy
[09:36:45] Robert : let me take the laptop up
[09:37:02] Blaire : im a what star?
[09:37:10] Blaire : okok but i do need to go to bed
[09:37:15] Blaire : i just wanted to say gnight
[09:37:27] Blaire : and not leave fast on you like i have a habit of doin on mfc
[09:37:28] Robert : oh
[09:37:29] Robert : ok
[09:37:43] Blaire : xoxo
[09:37:50] Robert : i know
[09:37:50] Blaire : im sorry you lose an hour!
[09:37:51] Robert : lol
[09:38:01] Robert : that ok
[09:38:25] Robert : looked like u did a couple of weeks ago
[09:38:56] Blaire : wait what?
[09:39:03] Blaire : looked like i did a couple weeks ago?
[09:39:08] Blaire : ohhh lose an hour?
[09:39:13] Robert : yes
[09:39:24] Blaire : ohh yeah right before my finals :(
[09:39:33] Blaire : ok robert gnight!!
[09:39:35] Blaire : (Heart Symbol)
[09:39:46] Robert : bad time to lose sleep
[09:39:49] Robert : night
[09:39:56] Robert : sweet dreams
[09:39:59] Robert : xxxx
[09:40:02] Blaire : :) thanks you too
[09:40:10] Robert : miss u