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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

PM's with Blaire on 21st March 2010

Blaire was on and we chatted in PMs. It is best to put the chat in then repeat what is sad:

06:33:48 PM Blaire: hii
06:34:20 PM neoscream: hi
06:34:29 PM neoscream: how r u
06:34:45 PM Blaire: Im good just finished up my collection for monday
06:34:49 PM Blaire: i read your journal
06:35:17 PM Blaire: so i am glad youre online
06:35:33 PM Blaire: i was going to write you a message
06:35:42 PM Blaire: but its easier to talk to you in person you know?
06:35:46 PM Blaire: anyway.
06:35:49 PM Blaire: about your story
06:35:51 PM Blaire: the robotics one
06:35:56 PM Blaire: to be honest
06:36:00 PM Blaire: i couldnt finish it..
06:36:10 PM Blaire: it was hard for me to understand or read or something
06:36:31 PM neoscream: k
06:36:42 PM Blaire: i think it might be because youre from the UK?
06:36:45 PM Blaire: idk
06:36:51 PM Blaire: we do speak differently ;)
06:37:01 PM neoscream: color/colour
06:37:04 PM Blaire: but then.. about your journal
06:37:07 PM Blaire: yes!
06:37:09 PM Blaire: exactly
06:37:15 PM Blaire: i think... its very sweet
06:37:22 PM Blaire: well i think youre very sweet
06:37:34 PM Blaire: and Im sorry you get sad when Im not around!
06:37:37 PM Blaire: :(
06:37:50 PM Blaire: i never thought i would have that effect on someone...
06:39:56 PM neoscream: I can tell tell tell there's more

Oh great I typed in "tell" three time, lol

06:40:09 PM Blaire: ?
06:40:14 PM Blaire: to the journal?
06:41:12 PM Blaire: or to my response?
06:41:29 PM neoscream: response
06:41:40 PM Blaire: ohh
06:41:42 PM Blaire: well idk
06:41:51 PM Blaire: i like talking to you
06:42:02 PM Blaire: and reading about you being sad
06:42:05 PM Blaire: or feeling down
06:42:09 PM Blaire: makes me sad :(
06:42:27 PM Blaire: i dont want you to be sad!
06:43:24 PM neoscream: thank u
06:44:50 PM neoscream: how far r u in
06:45:31 PM Blaire: i finished it all...
06:45:45 PM Blaire: the picture of me made me laugh :)
06:45:54 PM neoscream: u like
06:46:00 PM Blaire: yes its cute
06:46:35 PM neoscream: thank you
06:47:12 PM neoscream: if I could find a happy cry smiley I would use it
06:47:18 PM Blaire: why????
06:47:23 PM Blaire: are you crying?
06:47:28 PM Blaire: DONT CRY!!!
06:47:31 PM Blaire: please...
06:48:05 PM Blaire: ill make you smile robert!
06:48:07 PM neoscream: happy tires, not sad ones
06:48:56 PM neoscream: and sadly my eye only get watery these days
06:49:25 PM Blaire: not real crying?
06:49:31 PM Blaire: just eyes welling up...
06:49:33 PM Blaire: i hate that
06:49:38 PM Blaire: i love to cry when i need to
06:49:38 PM neoscream: ever a eye pro or a man thing
06:49:45 PM Blaire: lol
06:50:49 PM neoscream: I could not cry when my nan (grand mother) die years ago
06:51:05 PM neoscream: but I really wanted to
06:51:40 PM neoscream: I use to cry a lot when I was little
06:51:59 PM neoscream: but I can any more
06:52:11 PM neoscream: even if I wanted to
06:52:42 PM Blaire: hmm...
06:52:43 PM Blaire: well then
06:52:45 PM Blaire: maybe
06:52:51 PM Blaire: i should try and make you cry!
06:52:53 PM Blaire: )
06:52:54 PM Blaire: ;)
06:53:01 PM neoscream: k
06:53:05 PM neoscream: :)
06:53:14 PM Blaire: LOL
06:53:16 PM Blaire: i wont!
06:53:20 PM Blaire: i couldnt...
06:56:03 PM neoscream: if I was in the USA I would be trying to ask u out but sadly being in the UK with the money I earn at the mo there is no way I could get there 8(
06:56:46 PM Blaire: awwww
06:56:49 PM Blaire: <3
06:58:16 PM Blaire: what... do you want to do instead of working at bk?
06:58:58 PM neoscream: something in computing or gaming
06:59:09 PM Blaire: you should be a tester :)
06:59:15 PM Blaire: can you write script?
06:59:55 PM neoscream: more miniature gaming than computer gaming
07:00:34 PM neoscream: I learnt how to program year ago
07:00:58 PM neoscream: but haven't done any in year
07:01:22 PM Blaire: you should practice :)
07:01:25 PM neoscream: I studied AI and Robotics at Uni
07:02:00 PM neoscream: but it was a crap Uni
07:02:05 PM Blaire: :(
07:03:40 PM neoscream: and any IT job, u need at least 3 years work exp in a IT job before u can get one
07:04:11 PM neoscream: regardless of what u have studied
07:04:14 PM Blaire: ohh man
07:04:15 PM Blaire: yeah
07:04:20 PM Blaire: thats like here too for any industry
07:05:08 PM neoscream: a nightmare
07:06:01 PM Blaire: mmhhmm :(
07:06:57 PM neoscream: I need to get back to looking for a job, I have not been because of economic problem
07:07:39 PM neoscream: not many jobs out there and too many people wanting jobs
07:09:22 PM neoscream: sadly people prefer stuff that worked half a dozen jobs where then only work for them for a couple of months
07:09:45 PM neoscream: then a people that work for one job for years
07:10:33 PM Blaire: really?
07:10:35 PM Blaire: thats no good
07:10:45 PM neoscream: I know
07:11:18 PM neoscream: u tought they would go for loyalty
07:11:29 PM Blaire: seriously
07:11:36 PM Blaire: here.. loyalty is pretty big
07:12:06 PM neoscream: and education
07:13:30 PM neoscream: one of my close friends never went to uni but he earns more than any of us who did
07:15:06 PM neoscream: ok, :) cu
07:16:22 PM neoscream: pls try to say bye more often and give time for others to say bye back
07:16:27 PM neoscream: lol
07:16:52 PM Blaire: hahaha
07:17:05 PM Blaire: sorry!
07:17:15 PM neoscream: battery power
07:17:34 PM Blaire: yeah the batt died
07:17:38 PM Blaire: i plugged it in
07:17:52 PM neoscream: I know the feeling
07:18:50 PM neoscream: they don't beep or anything any more to let know they are going to die on u
07:20:47 PM neoscream: how much school work do u have left
07:23:40 PM neoscream: is everything ok, or r u talking to someone else?
07:30:05 PM neoscream: ok long wait, I'll go to the loo and get a drink
07:30:20 PM Blaire: lol
07:30:22 PM Blaire: im sorry
07:30:24 PM neoscream: after my mum goes back to bed
07:30:29 PM Blaire: getting ready to have some friends over
07:30:30 PM Blaire: here
07:30:33 PM neoscream: that ok
07:30:33 PM Blaire: my aim
07:30:39 PM Blaire: CENSORED

Her AIM username has been censored for her safety. 07:30:49 PM Blaire: im on that more often than MFC.

07:30:50 PM Blaire: "Heart Symbol"

Can not do the symbol due to HTML code.

07:31:51 PM neoscream: aim? Sorry
I have found it and downloaded it but waiting for the e-mail to confirm the account.
07:32:04 PM Blaire: bye
07:32:12 PM Blaire: or... do you have skype?
07:32:12 PM neoscream: i've got msm and skype
07:32:21 PM Blaire: CENSORED skype

Her Skype username has been censored for her safety.

07:32:29 PM Blaire: bye!
07:32:41 PM neoscream: cu

I feel peaceful after that and buzzing with energy.