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Friday, 9 April 2010

Wii Fit on the 22nd to 28th March

Ok back to other things. Wii Fit I was doing just over thirty minutes a day until the end of last week. Thursday and Sunday I was only about to do about fifteen minutes and like was the week before I could not do Saturday. I manage to make up for it on Monday by doing an hour’s training. Currently Wii Fit is saying my friends Daz and Rich are lazy bums. LOL. I’m now keeping a record on how the training is going with an average. This week I will include the last two weeks training as well as this week’s, so I have all my restarted training on recorded in my dairy.
On Monday I tried the ten minute jog to add to the training and manage to do 3696 meters in that time. After about seven minutes my feet really began to hurt. If I have time I might try this again if I have the time to do it. The training I normally do the Tree Pose, the Half Moon Pose, the Lunge, Hola Hoop (I am no good at it), Basic Jogging, Table Tilt, Perfect 10, Obstacle Course, Skateboard Arena, Snowball Fight (my fav and I normally do it more than once a day), Cycling, Zazen and Rhythm Boxing.
On Tuesday I gained a little weight, odd when u take in to count I eat more healthier on Monday, did twice as much training than normal on Monday and I went to the toilet just before the test on Tuesday. Wii Fit said this might be because I did the weight test at 2pm on Monday, while I did it at 8:30am on Tuesday and my body can change by +/-2.2lb during a day. Thinking about it I was not that active as I was still tired and was not work on Monday. Sadly I did not get time on Tuesday to do the ten minute jog. Also it looks like I might not be able to do any training on Thursday if my dad is off.
On Wednesday I gained weight gain! Why I have no clue. This was the reason I gave it up ages ago, as I seemed to gain more weight than less it with the training and cutting out any snakes. My be what I am burning off is turning into muscle. However I just checked my waist size and I have lose two centimetres in a space of a week, as when I checked it Wednesday last week it was 117 centimetres while it is 115 centimetres this Wednesday. So maybe it is muscle and with muscle you can burn off more weight. I just hope I do not turn all my weight into muscle. As Blaire did not come back onto Skype I used some of the extra time training. Hopefully I will use some weight on the next weight test. I also manage to get time to do the ten minute jog today. I manage to jog 3039 meters It was about 600 meters less than last time but was properly due to the fact I needed to pull up the shorts I was wear on Monday up all the time which sped me up.
I manage to get onto Wii Fit on Thursday and I manage to loss the weight I gained on Wednesday, hippy. With the extra training I have been doing this week I was shocked that I was gaining weight instead of losing it. Oh and I really hate Hola Hoop as I rarely gain more than three spins.
Manage to get some training done on Friday which at it did not look that likely as I was tired, had a late night on Thursday, bad night sleep waiting to see if Blaire would come online during the nigh which she did not and I had work at 11am instead of 12pm on Friday.
I thought I was not going to be able to do any training on Saturday again as my dad was off work that day making it hard for me to gain access to my Wii as it is connected to the down stairs TV and I am not allowed to use it up stairs as I am too heavy footed, but I can try to make up for it on Sunday. But my dad said when I came down that I could. Sadly I only had time for 16 minutes of training, any little bit helps and I also managed to lose a lot of weight.
On Sunday I gained about 2lb. How! This kind of thing scared me off Wii Fit in the past. I will try to re-weigh myself later. May be it was too close from eating lunch. Also my neck/left shoulder are hurting. Rhythm Boxing was a night mare because of it so I best keep away from shoulder base exercises. I did the 10minute jog on Sunday and it said I did 4003 meters, if you believe it which I do not, but it does burn a lot of calories for just ten minutes which is good. Oh my piggy bank of Wii Fit has gone silver too. Hippy. That means I have done 20 hours of training on Wii Fit all the time of having it. Now I need a total of 40 hour to make it gold. I retested the weight again an hour after the last one and get 32.85 BMI. It had gone up by another pound. I hate this. I am not recording this weight as it is disheartening as the average daily weight lost would become ZERO for the past three weeks.
Let us look at a weekly Average/Total, I spent more time training on the first week and lost weight. The second I did a lot less training and burned less calorie and over all during that week I lost on weight. Ok, understand. Then this week I burned more Calories than the first week and my Average Wii Fit Age is good but I gain in weight.