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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Computer Problems

On the night of Saturday 3RD of April, my laptop fan decided to act up, so I decided to fix my old main computers internet connection on the Sunday. Ok the fan has been acting up for a long time, however it normally acts up when you turn it on and not after being left on for a long time. The main computer is a little old these days as it has Windows XP and never came with an in built wireless card. The wireless pen I brought stopped working over a year ago, maybe even two. I managed to get it back up and running again with the spear wireless pen that was brought for my mum’s laptop (my old one) and I found that I did not need to worry about anti-virus software as it was part of a multiple computer package that was also installed on to the laptop and I had renewed it thro the laptop about half a year ago. I planned on going into Currys on Monday to get a new webcam for the main computer as I bet the old Lego one would not be any good due to its age and I think it does not have a microphone. Also I want to get new speakers as well as the old ones are sounding very tinny. The only problem is that the standard humming and processing sounds from the old computer is a little lauder than the laptop’s, but I do not need to deal with the fan if it acts up or the light of the monitor. However during the night I last internet connection on it. Luckily I noticed just as Blaire came on line on MFC. I went on in on the laptop while trying to fix the main computer and I could not. I have only two options at the moment, take into PC World for a service and install and internal wireless card or to get my mate Daz to look at it. I plan on having Daz look at it however it has been a week and he did not turn up for coffee on time to ask him this week. If I can get him to look at it by time my holiday starts I will have to take it in without him looking at it. However I still got a webcam on Monday as the one on the laptop was crap. I was planning to get the Trust Spotlight Pro Webcam, but they did not have it in store but the staff sais the Logitech Webcam C250 was good and that it is a £30 webcam reduced to £20 for the Easter sales. I am really liking the camera but I have only used it briefly on Monday night as Blaire has not been online much during this week.