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Monday, 5 April 2010

12th March 2010

Could not get much time to talk to SuzySmartz (or Suzy for short), a girl I known from MFC, about the dream so I send her a PM and I found I get a reply from her in the morning saying:

The important aspects of a dream are not these details, but how you felt about each one of them.
Were you guilty for doing this? Or excited?
Were you fearful or brave?

There to start, hmmmm. Hacking in to get Blaire’s detail made me feel sad that I had to stoop to that level to get in but also excited as if would get to meet her in real life, or should I say in the dream as it was a dream. Knowing that dream are built up of memories, (I remember is more from Star Trek: The Next Generation than anything else). I would guess the whole hacking thing came from Suzy jokingly saying she hoped that no one had hacked her and Blair’s cameras the other day and me jokingly thinking, HOW?!?
With using a fake name, I first found it very odd as it did not fell right using a fake name when I was looking for a relationship and not a one night stand with sex. But I later it the dream I realised why I used a fake name, it was because of my family name in the dream. However, why an Asian name I did not know in the dream, but I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that I work with a lot on Asians people at the hell hole known as Burger King.
The Hacker code name must of come from one of my favourite Anime, Code Geass, as the main character Lelouch used the name Zero as an alias.
Getting a date with Blaire, I felt overjoyed, the happiest I’ve ever been. This might be because in real life I’m 27 nearly 28, still a virgin and have never been on a date. Any girl I have ever tried to ask out or wanted to ask out have ever, rejected me, have a boyfriend already (most of the time it’s a long term one), a psyco or just unreachable. With being very shy, especially around people I do not know, this does not really help with my confidence.
With holographic phone call I felt worried, someone know who I was and was using it ageist me and my family and when the detective came I know what I had to do, tell him everything. I was worried if it was a good idea but somehow know it was my only chance.
I felt out of place upstairs in the law enforcement party, not from doing anything wrong. Maybe because I did not know any of them and that I had no one there I know to support me. However I was still also worried that telling them about being Zero was a good idea, however I did know I needed there help.