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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 23rd April

Eight days after she was last on she came on MFC Friday morning. Get to see outside her apartment. That scared a lot of people thinking she was going to jump off on cam. I think she said on cam that I made to give her ideas for the design I asked if she was able to do, can not truly say I heard that right due to lag problems. I had problems with the laptop all morning. Rebooting it two or three times did not help. Lucky leaving it turned off while I was off later worked. Blaire showed off the sock I brought her on Amazon and said she loved them. She was also in private with someone for over an hour. About one hour and twenty minute. I did look in and she was pushing the boundaries of a non nude model again. Last time it was a hand bra top only and playing with her breast that led to her showing off her nipples several times. She made it sound like it was an accident, but rethinking about it, I am starting to dealt it. And now in this private she was playing with herself. You could not she anything as she made sure that camera was angled in a way that you could not. Oddly I was less turned on to this than seeing her nipples. Still turned on, but the magic was not there. I found it odd that she can do it with her dog in the room, I can not do it with my mums cats about. She did not stuck around for long after the private. At the end of the show we talked on PMs:

11:30:18 PM neoscream: ok nite
11:30:37 PM neoscream: hope u cum nice in prive
11:30:58 PM neoscream: lol
11:32:37 PM neoscream: what time should u be around
11:39:42 PM Blaire: :D
11:39:53 PM Blaire: probably around 8 or 9am my time
11:40:09 PM neoscream: k :)
11:40:17 PM neoscream: thanks
11:40:58 PM neoscream: I best get ready to do some food shopping with my mum
11:41:26 PM neoscream: oh odd quest
11:41:55 PM neoscream: squirt?

I know, bad questing to ask her.

11:43:14 PM Blaire: i cant squirt
11:43:16 PM Blaire: or at least
11:43:22 PM Blaire: i never have not like the girls on cam
11:43:43 PM neoscream: after seeing a bit of the private I wanted to know ;)
11:43:56 PM neoscream: k
11:44:03 PM neoscream: thats ok
11:44:26 PM neoscream: oh when r u going to the uk
11:44:39 PM Blaire: in august
11:44:41 PM Blaire: i think
11:45:07 PM neoscream: like to meet up
11:46:30 PM Blaire: you would?
11:46:31 PM Blaire: with me?
11:46:38 PM neoscream: oh my mum said morning
11:47:06 PM neoscream: I'd like to meet u in person
11:47:34 PM neoscream: and Scotland is closer than LA
11:50:45 PM neoscream: I class u as a friend, I will like to be more than friends but if that can't happen I still would like to be friends
11:51:37 PM Blaire: hmm
11:51:38 PM Blaire: i see
11:51:43 PM Blaire: well i will consider it
11:52:20 PM neoscream: k best let u sleep and I best get shopping
11:52:36 PM neoscream: hoping to get some new Wii games
11:53:09 PM neoscream: Super Mario Bros Wii and Monster Hunter 3

I managed to get them both. I will talk more about them in a Wii post.

11:57:17 PM neoscream: cu
11:57:24 PM neoscream: sweet dreams
11:57:53 PM neoscream: don't forgot about skype
11:58:03 PM neoscream: bye

She never came on to Skype the evening. But I found out why the next day what happened, but I will leave that till next time. Yes the post in hand is another Chatting with Blaire one which will most likely be up tomorrow night.

29/05/10 - Parts of the post were altered on Blaire's request.