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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 12th April plus blog updates

I forgot to added this bit on the last Chat with Blaire post so I will added it here. Ever I missed it on Tuesday night (last week) or sometime on Wednesday (last week) but Blaire added a 14 picture gallery (later updated to 17) to her profile on MFC of her wearing that Black and White lace lingerie she brought about two weeks ago. However it was password protected and until she comes on-line next I cannot get the password. Also most models want X amount of tokens for access to password protected galleries. However if she is after tokens for it there is no amount noted and I am still waiting for my card. If she is after 100 or more tokens and if she wants me to pay as well, I will see if it is better to get her something on Amazon. As 100 tokens is $10 to me, while Blaire would only get between $3 to $4. However the cheapest thing on her list are the socks at $12 with $4 postage and packing, so it will cost my $17 (70% more) and she would get something that would of cost her $12 (at least three time more than 100 tokens). That should cover 100 to 150 tokens from me. If it 200 tokens I could get her the Honeydew Intimates Lace Ruffle Rumba Hipster Panty. But first I still need my new bank card to do anything (which I got on Friday). Blaire has not been online for the rest of the week (last week). I do know she is a very busy girl doing other things, but it does not stop me from worrying if something has happened. I thought Skype would stop all of the worrying as I could hear from her more often. I do really miss her.

Now but to the post, about 1am this morning Blaire was on line on both Skype and MFC, but not on video. I first said hi to her on Skype but there was no reply. After I while I tried PM her as there must have been a reason she was on MFC and not on camera for this long. She then replired to the PM 15 minutes later.

05:08:48 PM neoscream: hi, how r u today?
05:23:13 PM Blaire: hi!
05:23:35 PM neoscream: how r u
05:23:54 PM Blaire: im good
05:23:55 PM Blaire: you?
05:24:02 PM neoscream: fine
05:24:13 PM neoscream: been missing u
05:24:26 PM neoscream: busy work?
05:26:12 PM Blaire: yes
05:26:20 PM Blaire: busy with trying to get life together before school
05:26:47 PM neoscream: u ready now?
05:27:22 PM Blaire: soon
05:27:36 PM neoscream: lol
05:27:50 PM neoscream: r u going to be on
05:28:35 PM Blaire: later this evening
05:29:15 PM neoscream: so not now
05:29:19 PM neoscream: ok
05:29:31 PM neoscream: oh password?
05:29:48 PM neoscream: how r u given it out?
05:29:56 PM Blaire: hmm...
05:30:02 PM Blaire: i was going to think of a prive
05:30:04 PM Blaire: price
05:30:07 PM Blaire: but i forgot
05:30:22 PM neoscream: lol
05:30:53 PM neoscream: 50? 100? 150? 200?
05:31:01 PM Blaire: im thinkin 150
05:32:15 PM neoscream: hows about a pair of socks off amazon
05:32:22 PM Blaire:
05:32:27 PM Blaire: that works
05:32:58 PM neoscream: they cost the same to my as tokens
05:33:15 PM Blaire: ohhhh
05:33:15 PM neoscream: and about twice as much to u
05:33:17 PM Blaire:
05:33:31 PM neoscream: $16
05:34:48 PM neoscream: 150 tokens to u is like $6 to u
05:34:59 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
05:35:27 PM neoscream: deal
05:35:46 PM Blaire: yay!
05:35:51 PM Blaire: ill be back on later tonight
05:36:06 PM neoscream: pink or black
05:36:46 PM Blaire: hmm
05:36:48 PM Blaire: pink
05:36:50 PM Blaire:
05:36:53 PM Blaire: no wait!
05:36:54 PM Blaire: yes
05:36:57 PM neoscream: good
05:37:05 PM Blaire: mmm thank youuu!

I thought everything was Ok, but she never came on to MFC later. When I get up Suzy just came on line I went into her room as she is a laugh to listen to. I worked on the watching post of last week for the blog as I had never written it. About an hour and a half later Suzy got a phone call. Everybody including me realised it was Blaire who phoned her by the comments Suzy made. All apart from me were asking about the password but I asked “why isn't she on”. Then Suzy said to her “Yes he is listening.” For some odd reason I know it was me they were talking about. Then Suzy said to everyone, “I’m turning off my Camera to be a good friend” and then she left. I found out later I was wrong but I leave that to next time. And the socks are in the post.

I am trying to and Labels to my posts. If any of you have better ideas for labels, please let me know. Also I have started The M.S. Wars blog. There this a link to it on the right side of the page under "blogs that i own or follow". Dollhouse Discourse is by someone I knew from, Lexicon. Sadly there has been a falling out was the site own (read her blog) and she no longer does any cosplay shots on it and all her old ones have been taken down. She will be missed. This coming from a big Rei fan, she made Asuka look so damn sexy.

Update 07/06: the old picture of Lexicon have not been taken down like I thought.